Montgomery Bus Boycott By: philip Petrenko

Background Information:

1 December 1955, Montgomery Alabama. One of the events that led to this bus boycott was when Rosa Parks did not give her seat to a white person, which ended in her getting arrested. The Goal of the boycott was to gain equal rights for african americans.

Who was involved?

The people that were involved in the bus boycott were mostly african americans. Some important people that were also involved were Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

Obstacles they had to overcome

The most common obstacles african americans had to over come were being treated being treated poorly and not having equal rights. These Obstacles were overcome by the bus boycott to show that everyone is equal.

Outcome/Lasting impact of event

The impact of this event on today is people still don't always have equal rights. The lasting effects of my event still goes on buses where blacks are sometimes not welcome.

Modern inequality or injustice that impacts groups of people today

Most modern inequality that impacts groups today are the black community.

How does this event relate to a modern event?

Something Recent that happened is the uber boycott. This boycott happened because Trump made a muslim ban and Uber took this chance to make rides cheaper for people from airports. People took this the wrong way and started boycotting uber and not using their services.

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Philly Petrenko

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