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Farming and why it can cause cancer.

In the farming industry there there are many different types of pesticides, chemicals, and even welding fumes that farmers may encounter while on the job, and researches have been conducting many experiments on these potentially harmful substances that farmers may be encountering while working and if they are a causing factor of cancer. The national cancer institute comes up with a conclusion in one of these experiments that, pesticides do very well lead to certain types of cancer. Weather farmers are out in the field spraying crops with pesticides(chemicals.) or in the shop welding on a piece of machinery they are very vulnerable to harmful substances that have been proven to cause cancer. The National cancer institute also concludes that the weed killers farmers use have been proven to increase their chance of getting bladder and colon cancer. Overall, the life style of being a farmer and what there body may intake leads to cancer.

New kinds of smoking causing cancer

The amount of people smoking may be going down but the rate of people being diagnosed with cancer has been increasing significantly in the last decade, according to the national cancer institute. Smoking has been shown to be a big role in this increase of cancer rates. There are many different kinds of smoking, one kind of smoking in particular that many people believe they are safe smoking is Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs). Although people may believe they are not bad you are still taking a big risk by smoking an E-cig. There are still many unknowns but the risk is high, the American Cancer Society states that, “ When the smoker puffs on it, the system delivers a vapor of flavorings, nicotine, and other chemicals. And ENDS cartridges are not labeled with their ingredients, so the user doesn’t know what’s in them.” When smoking an E-cig you do not know what kind of chemicals and toxins you are putting into your body. Smoking an E-cig is not a safe alternative for smoking tobacco.

Obesity's relationship with cancer.

Obesity In the US has been increasing significantly in the last decade, The National Cancer Society says that 20 percent of all cancer diagnosed in the US is due to body fatness. Obesity is linked to many different types of cancer such as breast, colon, endometrium, esophagus, kidney, and pancreas. It is a proven factor to causing cancer and overall one of the most common causes., and it is very dangerous to be obese. Poor nutrition can be very harmful to your body, and if your diet is bad it can lead to obesity and that is what causes cancers. Over amount of fat cells causes mutations inside the body. All in all, our diet habits cause obesity and obesity is a leading cause in cancer.

How sun tanning causes cancer.

When summer comes around most people especially teens want that tan body. They go get there tanning oil and bake out in the sun for hours and hours until they are satisfied with their tan. Although they may have a tan body, they may not be aware of the long term consequences that they are creating. In the article “Sunbathing” written by Jeni Worden a Journalist for Netdoctor, she talks about the effects of sunbathing. Jeni talks about how getting tan is protecting you from UV rays but if you get burnt and your body cannot repair the damage there is a very good chance that it may become cancerous. Every Time you burn your skin you are increasing your chance severely at getting skin cancer. Nomader what when out in the sun you should always be wearing sunscreen to protect yourself from hazardous UV rays.

increasing life spans also increase cancer rates.

The lifespan of humans has increased significantly since the early ages researchers have been conducting experiments in order to find out if the increase in lifespan has been a leading cause to the increase in cancer rates. There are many different researching organizations conducting these experiments on older aged people to see if they can develop a theory. In the article “why cancer incidence increases with age.” written by the National Institute of Health they state that, “The accumulation of age-associated changes in a biochemical process that helps control genes may be responsible for some of the increased risk of cancer seen in older people.” Genes are not being able to function correctly which causes cancer cells. The national Institute of health figured out that is it methylation is what's making some genes disabled. The older people get the more methylation occurs which is what makes increasing cancer rates tie into age.

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