currently leaving my home to flee the country #gottago #u.s.bound

Just a girl trying to cross the border #letmethrough

literally broke so like

just had my interview... here we goooo #unhcr

homeland security better come through #sendmeaway

s/o to homeland security for letting me go, now it's time for rough waters #ifidrown #tellmymomiloveher

GUYS I MADE IT !!! #goodmorningamerica

so like turns i have to wait a year just to get my green card #gogreenorgohome #excepticantgohome #soimgonnagogreen

ughhh now i have to wait 5 YEARS to become an actual American cictizen #longestprocesseverrrrr

okay so it's my first day of work and i don't even know hot to sew... #heregoesnothing

my family and i only have 2 more years left until we're legal !! #3down2togo

ayeee guess who's finally an American citizen #thisgirl!!!!

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