My Life Before The Maiden Voyage By tesia antompietri

Hi, I am Aaron II. I start every day bickering with my twin brother and him shared a room and we didn't get along well at all.

"I call to use the loo first, " I yelled at the top of lungs hoping i could run there fast enough.

"No, it's my turn to use it first. You got it yesterday. " My brother yelled as he quickly rushed out of bed.

When i finally got the the door my mom yelled up the stairs of our house, "Boys come down hear we have so exciting news for the family." So I slowly and rumply walked down the stairs to the kitchen where my mo was making griddlecake on the stove. I got happy again when I smelled the sweet batter and cream butter that filled the room with the most delightful smell. I could hear my brother rushing down the old wooden stairs the led to the rest of the house. He to got the best smile after seeing the kitchen and all the filled it. The table was set with the best cutlery we had. I looked at my mom and my dad the was sitting at the end of the table with tea and a newspaper in his hand. Then looked strait


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