How was the universe created? By: Olivia Reis

Have you ever wondered how our universe came to be? The creation of the universe is a highly asked question and debated. There are two sides to every story. Our first way in this question is scientific ways. The second option is religious ways. Now, there are many of the scientific ways, such as the “most popular” one might be “the big bang theory”. Though, there are other ways scientist believe the universe was created. Now for religion ways those are way different stories then the scientific ways. Mostly religions think that gods or one God created the universe, except for Buddhist people. They believe that the earth had always been here and it's not going to have a beginning or end. How was the universe created?

Theory one

My theory one for this project was of how the universe was created- science wise. Most scientist think that the universe had a beginning. For instance, some of them think that it was made by radiation. Radiation is a bunch of tiny energy molecules that are spread all around. Kind of like when you put a spoon in the microwave, and then the microwave might blow up. So then the radiation filled all the space causing it to get hot then really cold, then those small atoms expanded and made the universe.

The second way scientist think our universe was created was by a black hole. How? Well, first there was this other thing called a “white hole” and they both made the ultimate wormhole, which ended up creating the whole universe, and it’s forever expanding. When the universe was being created they say that it started as a black hole. The black hole was also like the Big Bang Theory and ended up exploding. After it had exploded it had been really hot, but after that it cooled really fast and started to expand.

Now let’s talk about how the scientist say that God could not really be possible. Well, first they say by research that the earth is way older than the human race. The earth has been around for about 4 million years. The human race has only been around for 2 million years. Also some people also just don’t believe in God because they trust science. Those people are Atheist and that is a religion. Atheists do not choose not to believe in God. They just see other options that they think are better. Some of them just stop believing all together.

Did you know that some people believe that there are other universes than our own? First, let's talk about how scientists think universes are created. They are actually supposedly created by crashing into other universes. That's why there are “copies of us” in other places, or different versions of us.

Some scientist/people believe that the universe(but mostly the earth) was created by dead matter. No one really knows where dead matter goes after it's dead. Some scientist think that it can be reused. Then that's where evolution also comes in. Evolution is when things change after time, like the theory of how humans use to be apes. They think that the world came from a small piece of planet.


Theory Two. My theory two was about how the universe was created, religion-wise. Now there are many religions in this world. For now we are going to mostly talk about five of them. We will be writing about Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Hinduism. They all have a way that they believe the universe was created. Let's start off with Buddhist people.

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Theory Two

Buddhist people believe that there is no beginning or end. Huddist people they do believe in gods though. They believe that the three gods (Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva). They believe that they were the first beings on the planet, speaking of the dead matter a few paragraphs before. They don’t believe in a heaven nor hell. They believe in a thing called reincarnation. Reincarnation is when you die and get returned into something or someone. So I guess you could say they believe in a little bit of science as well.

Christians and some Jewish people both believe that the universe was created by God. Other Jewish believe in evolution, but that's a different story. God is a spirit that created the earth in 7 whole days, but did you know some people believe that he took breaks in between the creation of the earth? On the first day of the earth being created God created the darkness and light (day and night). On the second he created the earth. On the third day he created heaven and waters falling down from them. On the fourth day he created the moon, stars, and sun. On the fifth day God created sea animals and sky animals. The sixth day he created the humans and land animals. Then on the final day the seventh day he rested.

Now onto Islamic, the Islamic believe in evolution. They also believe that God had some part in it. Islamic also believe in the old testament. The old testament, it is the first bible. There has been at least two Christian bibles. The Islamic do believe in the seven day creation. (technically it was six days since God rested on the 7th). Islamic people also believe that heaven and earth were just once together. At one point. They also believe that it was all formed together and they started spreading a bit into shapes. (stars, earth etc). Islamic do not believe in the “big bang theory”.

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My Thoughts

I actually believe in multiple theories. I mostly believe in the Buddhism(and i believe in a little bit of hinduswim) one, because I don't like to think about how the world or universe was created. In the end I don't really care how it was created. I chose this topic to see how many theories there were. Also because I would like to see how many there really were. Again, in the end there are all these theories, but they won’t all matter to me. If I did have to choose one to really be on a side with, I would chose Buddhism/Hinduswim. They seem like they have little bit of science in there's. I also believe in the radiation theory. That theory seemed pretty neat. When I was researching these theories I also had thought to myself that this question was silly. Silly because it was all these theories. These theories mattered so much to people. So much that people make things for that theory. Take instance for Christian churches. They make a whole building and books for this. They have schools to teach about these theories. I think it’s all bit crazy sometimes. I hope that I end up never knowing about how the universe was created. I don’t want to know, because then I feel like I might be trapped to that religion and have to do whatever I have to be going to the right place after my death.

Now time to talk about why you are really reading this. You might have been googling the questio3n. You might of been scrolling through some media and found some one has posted this small website. Well whatever the case is, you read this article. Also, you probably just might need some extra information for something. I think it is important for you to know this information because it's nice to know other options to beleive in. What I mean is you don’t have to grow up believing what your parents told you to believe in. You don’t have to be everything your parents are, you can just be yourself and find out what you believe in. Also it does not matter to me(the writer) if you don’t care about religion or beliefs. Sometimes it’s nice to have those things though. Something that maybe you could turn to, maybe to think about it. I believe that you should believe in what you would like to believe in. “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” ~ Oscar Wilde

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