Nelson Mendela The Anti Apartheid Struggle In South Africa

The Struggle

The struggle was in South Africa back in 1992 where white South Africans were taking control against the black South Africans

The Stop the Seventy Tour campaign, an anti-apartheid movement aimed at derailing the South African rugby team’s trip to Britain by invading pitches wherever the Springboks played..
The struggle was in 1906-1992 in 1992 two thirds of South Africa white voters approved a negotiated and of minority regime

Who was in the strugglE

The people that were in the struggle were the South Africans which were the white South Africans and the black South Africans.Before Nelson mendela was president he spent time in prison because he was accused of treason by the South African government .Once that Nelson Mandela was out of prison he ran for president and was elected. The black South Africans then wanted to seek revenge on the white South Africans

The type of struggle and methods used to stop it

The type of struggle was a racism act from the white South Africans against the black South Africans. Methods used were the ANC created in 1912 did regal forms of protest and shifting to a more militant non violent direct action

When the white South Africans were in control of South Africa they denied to help the black South Africans and treated them like slaves.
Nelson mendela giving his first presidential campaign. The struggle was successful because two thirds of white South Africans approved a negotiated end of the minority regime and the apartheid system

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