Swimming by: Benjamin

Ready, set, go! 50 freestyle, Event 47, Heat 8, and Benjamin Terentiyev is in the lead with an amazing time of 34.82 seconds! If you like to get wet and win prizes like me and Michael Phelps, try swimming. Read on to find more about the rules, important things to know, and benefits of this wet and fun sport.

Even though swimming looks like a straight-forward sport, there are plenty of rules in swimming. There is one rule, however, that will always be remembered in your mind and that is a major disqualification if not followed; FLIP TURN! This is when you do a flip into the wall and push off. In backstroke, you have to flip onto your stomach, flip turn, leave off the wall with your stomach facing the water, and flip over on your back to be enabled to do strokes There is a rule that must be followed, and is unacceptable if not followed; Diving. This is when you jump headfirst into the water in a straight line.

There are four known strokes that change your positioning of your arms and legs, and certain kicks are prohibited with other strokes. There are a few things to know before you get into competitive swimming. You must know that breathing will cause resistance, and extra breathing can slow you down by as much as an extra 4 seconds! If you are looking forward to really decreasing your time, get goggles that are a little expensive ($50) and that are made by companies like Speedo. These goggles are smaller and designed so that water will go around the goggles, so the goggles might, improve your speed, maybe even by 2 seconds! If you are willing to decrease your times even more, try taking swim suits that are made of a special fabric (when you feel it, you'll know what I'm talking about) that can decrease your time and make you swim faster.When it comes to competitive swimming, every hundredth of a second matters because, for example, a person can have a time of 35.02 seconds, but to pass to a higher level of tournament, they would need 35 seconds, and no, judges will not let you pass even if you have a time of 35.001 seconds.

Swimming has loads of benefits that can make you happy and get through life easier. Adrenaline is something that you can feel before a race. You may win medals and ribbons if you try hard, and you can get these prizes depending on what type of competition/tournament it was. Swimming individually can benefit the team that athlete represents by earning the highest scores and places. For example, the U.S Swim Team went on the Rio Olympics of 2016 and were one of the ones that won the most medals. The team points can be counted for major rewards, like trophies, but that is for major types of competitions, like New Englands (which is a competition that gathers all the teams in the New England part of the U.S). However, there are rewards that aren't stored in your attic or your living room. Benefits that top all other benefits and are critical, or important, are health benefits. Swimming is a sport that can battle asthma and help people with traumatic events, especially spinal cord injuries, in their past recover by swimming. It is one of the most gentle sports, which can help them be happier and get themselves healthier again.

By setting up goals in swimming, each young swimmer makes small, small steps to a long run to an Olympic gold medal, thousands of miles over the years are covered by swimming to make one day cheer you up for the rest of your life.


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