Divergent Brayden, Connor, Dale

This is our story about the divergent factions.

Dauntless value bravery the most. Hot coals represented them at the Choosing Ceremony.

Candor value honesty the most. Glass had represented them at the Choosing Ceremony.

Amity value peacefulness the most. Nature is something calming, so soil represented them at the Choosing Ceremony.

Erudite value intelligence the most. Albert Einstein was one of the smartest people known to man. Water had represented them in the Choosing Ceremony.

Abnegation values selflessness the most. They would rather help others than help themselves.

Divergent are different from the rest of the people. This picture shows a different color fish (blue) than the rest of them which are orange.


Created with images by lina - "winter snow tree" • Stones - "fire flame wood fire" • Ozzy Delaney - "Glasses" • Frank de Kleine - "Tree" • janeb13 - "albert einstein portrait theoretician physician"

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