Samuel De Champlain Explore

Samuel De Champlain was born in Brouage France. He sailed for France and for king Henry the third. Samuel de champlain was a great explore. He had many goals. Some people called him the father of new France. He found the first north america french colony, it is called Quebec. He was very important to france, because he found two french cities.

Samuel de Champlain was originally looking for the west indies. The west indies are a region of North Atlantic ocean in the caribbean island surrounding water. But he never found them but he did find some other land.

The Great Lakes

Samuel de Champlain was a hard worker, because he found many things. He found the great lakes. They are lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior And samuel found all of those. He also found the saint lawrence river, Cape Cod also.

When he meet the indian tribe he made alienses with them helped them defeat there enimey tribe. They also giued him to where he wanted to go. And did many trades with them.

Samuel de champlain is important to our country because he helped discover many no places in North america. He is also very important to france because he found two cities in france.


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