Drawfee slide show

Drawfee is a youtube channel that sketches there ideas on the spot. Drawee consists of two artists . all off Drawee drawings are un realistic like I said they do cartoony sketches/drawings. They used different shades of red and mostly left un colored sections. Drawfee used red to shade some of the drawing instead of gray or black. The Drawfee artists like to draw in a cartoony style because its fun to them they like to make characters funny and goofy looking. This drawing is funny and creative. My favorite part of the drawing is the head, the eyes are cool how instead of a back pupil

this is one of the Drawfee artists https://www.julialepetit.com

the Drawfee artists make comical art. They mostly make funny sketches. Drawfees art is purposely goofy. The description on there youtube channel is even funny. "Welcome to Drawfee, where we turn dumb ideas into even dumber drawings!"

Drawfee uses photoshop to sketch/draw. Drawee resonates with me because the art is cartoony and funny.

Drawfee channel stands out because they make nock of characters and funny versions of suggested characters.

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