13 tips for how to stay cool this summer

Summertime and it's already hot HOT hot. Whether you are working out, hanging out, or suffering from a breakdown you have to stay cool. Check out our top 13 list of coolness. If you have a great idea please share it with us. New life hacks are always welcome.

1. Drink plenty of water.

A healthy adult should consume between 500 ml and 750 ml per hours. In plain English that’s between 2 and 3.5 cups per hour. Make sure you have a good some good water bottles. A large mouth easy to clean water bottle is easy to maintain and Earth friendly. Plus we have great water in South Florida. Fill ‘em up and enjoy.

2. Ice Ice Baby

Ice water is best. Why? It’s colder. And it feels great going down on a hot sunny Miami day. But how can you keep water cold while engaging n outdoor activities? Try freezing a couple of bottles. Insulated water bottles are great too. They cost more but last longer. You’ll have to decide the value of your cold drink. HYDROFLASK

3. Water is not enough.

After two hours of strenuous exertion you need to supplement your water intake with electrolytes. Electroytes will keep you hydrated and replenish sodium and potassium we lose through perspiration. Sports drinks are good but watch out for the extra sugars. Also watch out for products that have too much potassium or lots of additives. We like Nuun tabs quite a bit. They are simple, easy to drink, easy to carry, and a good value.

4. Sweat for me baby

Sweat is good. The best way the human body has to cool off is sweat. If you dehydrate you don’t perspire. If you don’t perspire you can’t cool down. The human body overheats at only a few degrees. This can cause dizziness, disorientation, and ultimately death. Most of us just end up with a nasty headache and exhausted but know the signs and how to respond. We’ll be covering heat exertion in an upcoming segment.

5. Clothing matters.

Not the fashionista type of clothing but the summer wearable apparel. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing when outdoors. Long sleeves may seem like the wrong choice but keeping the sun off your skin will help keep you cool. Certain fabrics have been developed to help draw heat from the body. Just like magic tiny dots containing micro amounts of ceramic clay work to transfer heat from your skin. The trick? Wet the shirt and it dries it cools you off even faster than just light weight fabrics. And, no, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a coffee mug on your shirt. These tiny dots just feel good!

6. If it stays wet

Cotton may be the fabric of our lives but it is best not worn during strenuous exercise or times of extreme heat. Whether you’re exercising, walking your pups, playing with the kids, at the beach or pool or enjoying a family BBQ cotton stays wet. Why is this bad? If fabric stays wet it means you have a warm layer of moisture around your body. This keeps your body from properly cooling down. When the weather turns cold it’s the opposite. Wet fabrics keep you cold. Select cotton blends design to wick moisture. Usually they’re labeled quick dry. Also mind the weight (thickness) of your cotton apparel. Keep light and quick to dry.

7. The life aquatic

Go to the beach? Yes. On a hot day when the sun is shining and waves of heat rise from the road you should go to the beach. Why? A refreshing dip in the ocean may be just what your body needs to cool off. Beaches tend to have more breeze than inland areas. That too will help you cool off from the sun. So grab your swimsuit, towel, trusty water bottle (may a beach umbrella too) and head out to your favorite beach.

8. Concrete here, asphalt there

Avoid concrete. Concrete covered areas are much hotter than grass covered parks or streets with a healthy tree canopy. Those waves of heat you see rising from the road are everywhere. Concrete or asphalt covered ares experience temperature increases of 5%-10%. On a hot summer day when the thermometer hits 95○that means you may experience temperature of 104.5○ or more.

9. My body lies over the ocean

Back to being near bodies of water – they are cooler. Yes, large bodies of water help keep ambient temperature more moderate. Have you ever noticed summer forecast of 89 at the beach and 94 inland? That’s because it takes longer for water to warm-up and cool off. The result is, in general terms, cooler summers and warmer winters.

10. It's my private pond

My pool is a body of water. Hmmm, not really. If you have a swimming pool you may find it gets very warm during the summer. Try turning the pump off during the day causes the top layer of water to warm up. Run the pump at night. Moving water releases more heat. By running the pool pump at night you can help your pool cool off. Of course always make sure your pool is clean and chemical levels are correct. And you may want to skip this tip if your pool is heavily used.

11. Rock me like a hurricane

Fans everywhere want my autograph. Maybe not so much but fans are a great way to stay cool. Mister systems can also be added to outdoor fans. These devices allow a fine spray of water to mist in front of the fan causing the air to cool as it evaporates. This could be a DIY project but make sure your joints are tight. Water and electricity don’t go well together. If you ever encounter a problem disconnect power to the unit. Don’t stand in electrified standing water. It can kill you.

12. Swamp thing, I think I love you.

Swamp coolers, more formally known as evaporative coolers, work by pumping water over a surface area behind a fan. The water does not enter the fan it just cascades down the filter and back to the reservoir. Swamp coolers are available in all sorts of price ranges. Some get pricey and not all swamp coolers are built the same. Look for a swamp cooler with a powerful fan, large reservoir, and large surface area to wet. And don’t forget it only works with water so keep that reservoir full and clean. If you are handy and want to build one yourself you can. Here are some free tips for DIY-er’s.

13. Air conditioning rocks!

Yes, the best for last. AC if awesome. In Miami almost everyone has one. If you don’t or if your AC breaks down (as they tend to do in the summer) remember this – air flow = cooler temperature. Please run some fans, wear very light weight clothes, hydrate. If you have an elderly neighbor or relative, child, or someone in ill health they are more prone to the bad effects of heat. If they stop perspiring get them immediate help. A cold shower will help cool them down but they may need more than that. Call for emergency assistance. You may be saving someone’s life.

Now you have some basics. Share them with the kids, the snowbirds, your neighbor or the mail carrier. Whatever you do please have a great summer. Get outdoors. It’s the best place to be even in the high summer heat.

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