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3020 NE 32nd Ave.Unit 123, Fort Lauderdale FL 33308

HISTORY: The idea of having a center in South Florida was very attractive, and long dreamed but never actualized in last 50 years of FTAA, (The Florida Turkish American Association), until a handful members came forward and donated some starter amount to rent or buy a space. After several attempts, the committee decided this specific corner of such prestigious building.

Signing the purchase contract (Left to right: Fuat Ornarli, Dr. Celal Çolak, Erkan Nur)
Several meetings were organized to inform the Turkish community / FTAA members about the progress (Left to right: Serap Odabaş-Yiğit, Erkan Nur, Fuat Ornarli, Atilla Orkan)

The members who donated in a gathering are Dr. Ziya Çelik, Dr. Vural Uluer, Dr. Sezai Olgaç (RIP), Atilla Orkan, Dr. Ali Manizade, Dr. Celal Çolak, Mustafa Avci. Upon registering Florida Turkish Center Foundation, LLC as a non-profit foundation, the down-payment was paid to the landlord, and the 3 units were purchased under the name of foundation. Dr. Ümit Yiğit lended to the foundation for this cause total of $350,000 so that the purchase was actualized. This was a great achievement, and everybody was motivated to participate into this donation campaign. Fuat Ornarli, a professional engineer suggested to volunteer to do the plans for the remodeling, and start immediately. Atilla as an Architect put his effort on generating the plans. Three months after the design work start, the documents were submitted to the city. Just after a week later, two neighboring units were evacuated and announced for sale. The leaders of this project found it very attractive if those units are also purchased, and joined to the units in hand. Of course, all the drawings became void, and new plans for 3500 sq. ft. are restarted. Fuat Ornarli and Atilla Orkan spent few more months to put a new set of plans, and resubmitted. As a summary, the plans were approved by the city, and permit was pulled after six months, which was a record speed. Fuat Ornarli, Professional Engineer and General Contractor also committed to build the interior as a volunteer. With the help of Atilla Orkan and Mustafa Cankat, the construction was completed within six months.

Isometric of the Turkish Center
Atatürk Corner and Honor Wall for the donors for not forgotten
The space was only a shell
Construction started

Upon receiving Certificate of Occupancy, three open houses were done. This beautiful space encouraged more people to donate. The following list shows the donors with their handsome givings;

Note: * - denotes donor who is deceased. # - denotes donations made in the memory of the deceased person listed.

TOTAL $587,675 Check the latest update by clicking here: http://www.floridaturkishcenter.org/?q=donations

$80,000 of this sum is equivalent dollar amount of donated services and goods: http://www.floridaturkishcenter.org/?q=node/9

Apart from the cash donations, the campaign, named "Take A Seat" was organized by Serap Odabaş*Yiğit, President of FTAA, and $30,000 was raised by 122 donors. (Not listed above): http://www.floridaturkishcenter.org/?q=node/49

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