Museums along the Silk Road by Ekaterine Naroushvili and Graziana Urso


Students will investigate about the Silk Road, which connected the edge of Europe with the eastern fringes of Asia and the Pacific Ocean, through the visit of their national museums related to the topic. They will study artifacts and exibits bringing into focus historical and cultural aspects and discovering the common history of their two countries, despite the apparent differences.

The learning outcomes

Students will learn about the history of the Silk Road to connect local with international history learning in a new interactive environment. They will improve skills like research, analysis of the information, critical thinking and digital awareness. Also they will discover the common ground and similarities existing between students from different countries.

The learning process

1. Students will visit their own National Museum about the Silk Road and through interactive activities they will examine exhibits connected to the history of the Silk Road. In particular, Georgian students will analyse samples and handicrafts, even from Italy, collected in their museum; Italian students will examine machines and artifacts about the silk manufacturing process.

Georgian students visiting State Silk Museum in Tbilisi
Museo della Seta, Como

2. Divided into several groups, students will create digital resources to teach their team members about the topics: Georgian students will focus on creating digital resources (concept maps, videos...) to explain the exhibits of their museum to the Italian students of their team; Italian students will focus on creating digital resources (concept maps, videos...) to explain the silk manufacturing process learned in their museum to the Georgian students of their team.

A student working on digital skills

3. After using the digital resources created and understanding them, the members of the team will start working on a digital comic. The comic has to illustrate a trip along the Silk Road, from Georgia to Italy.

4. The final stage of the project will consist in an Artsteps Exhibit. Each international group will select some pictures about their learning in the museum and create a virtual gallery of works.

A virtual gallery

The assessment

Feedback around the questions: what was the most educational value of this trip? Is it possible the presence of a meaningful common ground between different countries?


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Ekaterine Naroushvili&Graziana Urso


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