SCHOLA 2016 Pedagogy and Didactics in Technical Education

FINAL programme

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6. 12. 2016, Masaryk Dormitory, CONGRESS CENTRE, CTU IN PRAGUE

Thákurova 550/1

160 00 Prague 6

09.00–10.00 Registration

10.00–10.10 Conference opening, prof. Ing. Petr Konvalinka, CSc., rector of CTU in Prague, Czech Republic

10.10–11.40 Keynote section

chair: HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Norbert Kraker

10.10–10.40 Philosophy and Basic Principles of International Society for Engineering Pedagogy

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tiia Rüütmann, Estonia

10.40–11.10 Analytical-synthetic Modelling as a Factor of the Development of Cognitive Processes in the Constructivist Framework

doc. PaedDr. Jana Škrabánková, Ph.D., Czech Republic

11.10–11.40 Současnost a perspektivy přípravného vzdělávání učitelů v ČR (presented in Czech)

doc. PhDr. Jiří Škoda, Ph.D., Czech Republic

12.00–13.00 Lunch break

13.00–15.00 section I.

chair: Mgr. Juraj Miština, PhD.

13.00–13.15 Integration of Theory and Practice in Teacher Training

prof. PhDr. Gabriela Petrová, CSc., doc. PaedDr. Jana Duchovičová, PhD., Slovakia

13.15–13.30 Metacognitive Development of Students

prof. PhDr. Gabriela Petrová, CSc., PaedDr. Nina Kozárová, Slovakia

13.30–13.45 Innovation Environment and the Quality of National Education System

doc. Ing. Lenka Švecová, Ph.D., Czech Republic

13.45–14.00 University Positions from the Knowledge Management’s Point of View

prof. RNDr. Jozef Hvorecký, PhD., Slovakia

14.00–14.15 Background and Objectives for the Continuing Vocational Education of Pedagogical Staff

PhDr. Michaela Tureckiová, CSc., Czech Republic

14.15–14.30 Gender Aspects of Education

Mgr. Markéta Janíková, Mgr. Petra Kowaliková, Ph.D., Czech Republic

14.30–14.45 On Some Issues of Technical University Student Behaviour

doc. PhDr. Dana Dobrovská, CSc.

14.45–15.00 CLIL Diversity and its Potential for Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions

Mgr. Ľudmila Hurajová, PhD., Mgr. Gabriela Chmelíková, PhD., Slovakia

15.00–15.30 Coffee break

15.30–17.30 section II-A.

chair: doc. PhDr. Dana Dobrovská, CSc.

15.30–15.45 The Communication Competence of Teachers and its Importance

Dr. habil. Ing. István Szőköl, PhD., Slovakia

15.45–16.00 Towards Competitive Innovation in Higher Education

PhDr. Monika Hřebačková, Mgr. Eugenie Rinnová, Czech Republic

16.00–16.15 Culture of Electronic Communication as a Part of Professional Language Training of Students at Secondary Technical and Vocational Schools in Slovakia

Mgr. Juraj Miština, Ph.D., Slovakia

16.15–16.30 Testing of University Students in Spectated Fields Combined with Development of Technical Thinking

doc. PaedDr. Viera Tomková, PhD., Slovakia

16.30–16.45 Interactivity in Computer Knowledge Testing

Ing. Ildikó Pšenáková, PhD., prof. Ing. Veronika Stoffová, CSc., Slovakia

16.45–17.00 Interactivity in Educational Materials for Language Training

Ing. Ildikó Pšenáková, PhD., Mgr. Orsolya Hegedűs, PhD., Slovakia

17.00–17.15 ICT for Teachers and ECDL

prof. RNDr. Olga Štěpánková, CSc., Ing. Jiří Chábera, Czech Republic

17.15–17.30 LARP – a Form of Experiential Education

Ing. Pavla Šrůtová

15.30–17.30 section Ii-B. Colloquium: Dual Education System

chair: Ing. Ján Hargaš, PhD.

19.00–21.00 Masaryk Dormitory, atrium

rout, social programme: SCHOLA 2016 Best paper award

piano: MgA. Hana Nicodová (jazz, film melodies, …)

7. 12. 2016, MIAS, school of business, CTU IN PRAGUE

Kolejní 2637/2a

160 00 Prague 6

08.00–10.00 Microsoft in Education, seminar

10.00–10.15 Coffee break

10.15–13.45 section III.

chair: Ing. Lucia Krištofiaková, PhD., ING.PAED.IGIP, Slovakia

10.15–10.25 Polytechnic education and present

doc. PhDr. Jiří Semrád, CSc.

10.25–10.35 Quality Assessment at Schools

Ing. Lucia Krištofiaková, PhD., ING.PAED.IGIP, Slovakia

10.35–10.45 Collaboration Between Employees when Assuring Quality for Schools

Ing. Alexander Bilčík, PhD., Slovakia

10.45–10.55 Identifying the Difficult Thematic Units for Increasing the Specific IT Competences and Skills in the Field Algorithmization and Programming

Ing. Jana Jurinová, PhD., Slovakia

10.55–11.05 Gaming Methods in the Management Teaching at the Secondary Schools

Ing. Martina Polčáková, Czech Republik, Ing. Kateřina Bočková, Ph.D., MBA, Slovakia

11.05–11.15 Current State of Project Management Education in the Czech Universities

Ing. Martina Polčáková, Czech Republic, Ing. Miroslava Komínková, Ph.D., Czech Republic, doc. PhDr. Miroslav Škoda, PhD., Slovakia

11.15–11.25 Spatial Orientation of Blind - Acquisition and Processing of Information

Mgr. Brigida Albertová, Slovakia

11.25–11.35 Mathematical Literacy as a Fundamental Strategy of Effective Learning

PaedDr. Lívia Hasajová, PhD., Slovakia

11.35–11.45 Learning Through Questionning: What are Suitable Questions Good for?

PhDr. Blanka Jirkovská, Ph.D., Czech Republic

11.45–11.55 Nonverbal Deception Detection and its Relation to Emotional Intelligence – Soft Skills among Students of Economics and Management

PhDr. Lenka Mynaříková, PhD., Czech Republic

11.55–12.05 Humanization as a Way of Increasing the Quality of Education in Technical Disciplines

PhDr. Martin Adamovič, PhD., MBA, doc. Ing. Daniel Lajčin, PhD., MBA, Slovakia

12.05–12.15 Monitoring vplyvu faktorov pracovného prostredia v edukácii technicky orientovaných predmetov

doc. PaedDr. Jana Depešová, PhD., Slovakia

12.15–12.25 Education of Migrants Using Feedback Based on it

Ing. Jaroslav Kultan, PhD.

12.25–12.35 Téma stavební kultury ve vzdělávání

Ing. arch. Petr Štěpánek, Ph.D., Czech Republic

12.35–12.45 Organisational Culture of the University and the Communication between teachers and Students

Małgorzata Koszembar-Wiklik, Poland

12.45–12.55 European Quality Label for Engineering Study Programmes

Ing. Martina Džubáková, Ph.D., Slovakia

12.55–13.05 Social Climate in Class

Ing. Daniel Kučerka, PhD., Czech Republic, doc. Ing. Roman Hrmo, PhD., ING.PAED.IGIP, MBA, Slovakia, Mgr. Markéta Majerová, Czech Republic

13.05–13.15 Effectiveness of Teaching Based on the Comparison of Textbooks

Ing. Iveta Kmecová, Ph.D., Czech Republic

13.15–13.25 Changes to Perfection in the University Systems

Mgr. Miriam Mattová, prof. RNDr. Jozef Hvorecký, PhD., Slovakia

13.25–13.35 Effects of school leaders ́ education

doc. Mgr. Jana Poláchová Vašťatková, Ph.D., Czech Republic

13.35–13.45 Management of Motivation Readiness of the Technically Educated Students to the Practice of Teaching Profession

Ing. Pavel Andres, Ph.D., Czech Republic

13.45–14.00 Technical Programme Chair’s Conference Closing Speech

Ing. Pavel Andres, Ph.D., Czech Republic

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