Fall is upon us, the weather is changing and Uggs can be spotted all around. Just how many Ewoks did it take to make those furry abominations? Overthrow those warm boots that bind you ladies, break the chain of filthy, stinky feet that dictate your winter wear. No one enjoys the sweaty dampness of your feet snuggled beneath them as you binge watch Downton Abby.

In order to jumpstart your resistance and the complete and total destruction of this greedy capitalist system of oppression known as the Free World. We’ve compiled 2017s top five ANTIFA wardrobe pieces to warm up your look this fall.

5. The Ski Mask

100% Capitalist Free, Proletariat Approved

No you’re not ripping the ski slope of Breckenridge, nor are you holding up your local 7-11. Your protecting your identity from those tiki torch wielding fascist. Don’t need them doxing you for trying overthrow the system. Put an ANTIFA patch on that sucker and you’ve got unlimited tolerance for opposing opinions

4. The Military Jacket

We prefer black, Stalin enjoyed olive drab as well - ANTIFA spokesmen

So you’ve never stepped into the jungles of Vietnam, or shot an AR-15 in the desert of Iraq, but you look like you’re ready to go kill some Charlie’s at the drop of a dime. The military jacket; gives you ultimate warmth and ultra agility, when sidestepping the oppressive grip of the Alt-Right backed police. Wear this during your next ANTIFA event and fall in line with your brothers in arms. Place some reflective tape along the back and hope the speeding car headed toward you sees you in time.

Go see Harry Dixon and his two rambunctious boys “Shorty” Dixon Jr and “Coke Can” Dixon III - tell them The Irreverent Show sent you or ENTER: IRVRNT in the checkout code online and receive 20% off your entire Big Dixon’s purchase
“You don’t want to be caught dead, at the next protest rally, without these hot ticket fall items” - Marxiano Felliçiao

3. Prada Red Loop Scarf

“Red, like the proletariat blood that runs through your veins...”

Want to show your disdain for capitalist and everything they stand for. This Prada Red Loop Scarf, will not only up your liberal jiu-jitsu game, it will also make you look high fashion as fuck. Red just like the proletariat blood that runs through your veins, show your support and wish for the day - Stalin is thawed from his deep freeze resting place - to get here sooner, rather than later.

2. Wi**** Bob Marley

“And then I said, if you tell me how your parents created a college fund for you when you were nine years old one more time, I’m gonna punch you in your fascist throat!!!”

Nothing screams google: ANTIFA GIRL ATK Porn fast enough; than some culturally appropriated hai... It’s not cultural appropriation, if you’re fighting against cultural appropriation. If you don’t have Bob Marley dreadlocks, turn right around, go back home and join the picket line when you’re ANTIFA enough.

Finally, but most definitely, not least...

1. “What’s your name, What’s your pronoun?”

What’s more in fashion now: Genderfluidity or Fascism? Less of an actual fashion item, more of a mandatory lifestyle; being genderfluid is a must. Don’t assume my gender, and we won’t assume yours. Grab all your zim, zers, and unicorn cat people friends and let’s exterminate some fascist ass.

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