A Season laced with Smiles Midnight Musings (Part 1)


The morning was particularly breezy, rustling the countless little flowers that had blossomed for spring and the long strands of hair whipping against our shoulders. It was a lovely moment to capture. I had a chance to catch up with the girls and even find a few lavender orchids along the way. Even though we were striding through a poor neighborhood with cramped, run-down apartments, everywhere we glanced there were vibrant hints of the new season. As girls, we bantered a little along the way, but every now and then we fell into a pleasant silence that was too delicate to break.

As much as I try to convince myself that I am better off alone, guarded by the messy little fortress I've built in my room and in my heart... deep inside I know that my soul feeds off of the occasional calm presence of few close friends. And for me, that compensates for more than a million pals that a mirage of popularity can provide. This sensation here, glorious spring laced with the undeniable glow of understanding smiles and hearts..this, this is satisfyingly and beautifully enough.


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Carmi B

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