An Experience at the Harn by David Mara

Medium of the Art

The work above, the jade medium had a striking aspect to it. Not considering the meaning jade has from a traditional standpoint, the the precision detail and depth on a medium so hard to work with was striking enough. The history of the jade as an imperial material of esteemed artists throughout China's history worked its way into how I see the work and deepened my understanding.

Design of the Museum

The Zen garden exhibit's design allowed to walk through and gain a feel of what the artists were meant to invoke and what the garden itself means as a garden. I learned a lot from the volunteers about the symbolism and deeper meanings. Each of the 8 rocks represents can an island with a smooth unraked beach, current orbiting the island and large sweeping current out far from each island. They can represent an animal such as a turtle and a seal. They can be seen as turtle island and seal island or as literals with water around them. Moving further from the original the rocks be thought of as seal and turtle spirits surrounded by energy constantly moving around them. I felt this flow of energy walking though thanks to the design.

Art and Core Values

Seeing the above work from across the room, I drew a direct connection between the women pictured and my mother and older sister. In class, I identified honoring family as an unwavering core value. I imagine my mother at peace knowing she is doing good for her family and has found time to rest. The younger figure on the right has a distinct look of concern I often see with my sister. Overall this has a validating feel for me because of this connection.

Art and Good Life

Hogarth's work displays a prominent expression of shock and disillusionment which caught my eye. To me, shock and confusion are such human things. I often forget royalty or even those who play them at the theater deal with these things like lay folk. I see that we all are in the search for the good life together as a cohesive society.

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