Work Experience Humber bank power station

I worked in a CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) power station working with the maintenance team. It produces around 1,365 MW of electricity.

Here I am helping put back together a Sace F4 Tie breaker Trip Tester 3200A (amps)

This is what it should look like after it's all been put back together and cleaned and in working order before it goes back into its place.

When the white rectangle turns yellow it means it is charged.

'O' is open and 'l' is closed.

The 'L' means long term, the 'S' means short Term, 'I' means instantaneous and 'G' means ground.

The bottom three rows are "live" and the top 3 rows are "dead.

Here we had to level a water pump using ''soft foot''. We had to remove the guards and get the bolts as tight as they can be with a hydraulic bolt torque.
We are using this to show us the laser alignment to see where there is soft foot and where we need to add shims.
Here is the ignition torch getting taken out of the GT.
We took the torch back to the workshop and put a new thermocouple in it.
We connected it up to power to see how well it worked. If you look down the torch you can see the arc, this is what ignites the flame.

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