FLMNH By Mary ALice Klenk

Entrance to the Museum
Nature on Display

The picture above shows an exhibit that takes common sea creatures and magnifies them, so that their size is accurate in relation to a small fish. In doing so, we the viewers are able to see the ocean life from the perspective of a sea creature that is relatively vulnerable. I really enjoyed this exhibit because it teaches us about the ocean in a creative way. By looking at it from the eyes of a fish, we are more inclined to absorb the information, because these creatures that we are looking at are threatening. If we look at the same creatures from our normal perspectives, we tend to pass over them because, compared to us, they are small and insignificant.

Nature and Ethics

Both the image above and the image below exemplify nature's relationship with ethics. The top image is the introduction to an exhibit that explains our current nature crisis. Farther to the right on the wall above there are images of endangered and extinct species. This exhibit presents our negative effect on the natural world through infrastructure and city development. This development is an example of our nature to "conquer the land" as opposed to loving and admiring it. By this method of conquering we are causing irreparable damage to the wildlife around us. The image below was from a wall of quotes. I chose this one in particular because it explains our interconnectedness with nature. If we live with the understanding that we are connected to the land we live on, then we are more likely to treat it with respect because we acknowledge that its health effects our lives.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This image is one of many from the exhibit on the Calusa people. This exhibit basically gives a history of the Calusa, from their origins to their downfall. It gives us insight into the respectful nature of the people who lived on this land before us. They found ways to use all of their resources for tools, food, etc. By looking at the way of the Calusa people, I was able to step out of my ordinary life and be present in the history that the exhibit was providing for me. Seeing how others lived and acted towards the Earth gives me a new perspective on my actions, and society's actions at large. It made me aware of conservation efforts that I could perform.

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