Maze War was a computer game that was released in 1974. The game maze wars was a computer game similar to Call Of Duty (COD) and it was the first multiplayer internet game. This game had a huge impact on the world as it was the FIRST EVER multiplayer online game created and millions of players were drawn to Mazewars.

Its also known as The Maze Game, Maze Wars, Maze war. It was a 1974 computer game which had a number of similar concepts used in thousands of games to follow, and is one of the first-person shooter games. Maze Wars influenced many Role Playing Games (RPGs)

Maze Wars was developed by Steve Colley and Greg Thompson. Its platforms were the Imlac PDS-1, Macintosh, NeXT Computer, Palm OS, Xerox Star and X Window System. It was released in 1974 in the US. It was a first person shooter game and itcould be single player or multiplayer.

The Maze War style was first adopted by Moria in 1975, an early RPG on the PLATO network, and became more popular by Ultima and Wizardry, eventually appearing in bitmapped form in games like Dungeon Master, Phantasy Star, Eye of the Beholder and lots of others.

The game is played by players who wander around a maze, you were able to move backward or forwards, turn right or left in 90-degree angles, and sneaking around corners through doorways. The game also uses simple tile-based movement, where the player moves from square to square. When a player sees another player, they can shoot or affect them. Players get points for shooting other players, and lose them for being shot. Some versions like the X11 port had a cheat mode where the player running the server could see the other players' positions on the map. The original MIT Imlac version had cheat keys to knock out a wall in the player's local Imlac maze copy, which made it possible to walk though walls as seen by other players. Occasionally in later versions, a duck also appears in the passage.



Created with images by ✖ Daniel Rehn - "Backlash (1987 / Novagen / Atari ST) × Maze War (1985 / Steve Colley / Xerox Star 8010)"

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