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"Thurber’s Columbus” Wednesday May 22, 6 pm. Ohio State University’s Thompson Library (Main Library, at the west end of the Oval), Room 165. Featured speaker, Michael J. Rosen, author of two new books of James Thurber’s drawings and fables. The exhibit will run from May 18 – August 18 and will explore Thurber’s relationship with Columbus, his hometown and lifelong literary inspiration, from his childhood and time at OSU to his legacy today. The lecture will be 6:00-6:30, followed by a reception, refreshments, and tour of the exhibit.

Book launch for Collected Fables of James Thurber Thurber House Literary Picnic with editor Michael J. Rosen and special guest readers June 12, 5:30 optional dinner, 6:30 reading 77 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus OH 43215 www.thurberhouse.org/picnics

Book launch for A Mile and a Half of Lines: The Art of James Thurber with author Michael J. Rosen July 12, 7 pm Gramercy Books 2424 East Main Street, Bexley OH 43209 gramercybooksbexley.com

Columbus Museum of Art in conjunction with the Thurber House / Thursday, 5 September, time TBD. A guided tour of the exhibition with curator Michael J. Rosen.

Aldus Society "One-Line Caption, Few-Lines Drawing: How James Thurber Changed the Character of Art in America" with Michael J. Rosen, author of A Mile and a Half of Lines: The Art of James Thurber September 12, 7 pm, Thurber Center. Open to the public. 91 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus OH 43209 www.http://aldussociety.com/

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