U.S. Government 12th Grade -- Meg Eilert

Step forward if you believe...

Students should be able to choose what school they attend.

Step forward if you believe...

Parents should choose what school their child attends

Step forward if you believe...

Drawing district lines for schools is a reliable solution for determining which child goes to which school.

Step forward if you believe...

It is okay to have government officials make decisions about education, when they have no experience in the field of education.

Step forward if you believe...

Government funded vouchers to send kids to private school is a good idea.

Step forward if you believe...

A child should not be limited to a school based on their zip code or the family's income.

Step forward if you believe...

the federal government should put a cap on the amount of charter schools in each state.

Step forward if you have ever heard of Betsy DeVos

Betsy Devos

How do personal values and beliefs influence who we vote for?

Secretary of Education

Platform: Free choice schools & Vouchers for charter schools

A question from your teacher:

Next year, you are all going to K-State. Why did you decide to go there?

In her opening statement, [DeVos] spoke of a visit when her oldest child was young to a Christian school serving low-income children, where she “saw the struggles and sacrifices many of these families faced when trying to choose the best educational option for their children.” That experience, she said, helped spark a commitment to school choice.

Ask Devos A question
“[T]raditional public schools are not succeeding. In fact, let’s be clear, in many cases, they are failing. That’s helped people become more open to what were once considered really radical reforms—reforms like vouchers, tax credits, and education savings accounts.” ~Betsy DeVos 2013

By this statement, what is DeVos' belief of public school education?

Based on what you know about Betsy DeVos, why or why not would you support her platform?

How might DeVos influence your future career or family?

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