Photo Shoot Start to finish

Part 1

Planning a photo shoot, carrying it out and what you do afterwards is our goal for this assignment.

Our Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to do a photo shoot, start to finish.
  • Learn about meeting the client and planning your pictures.
  • Learn how to put together a checklist to ensure your equipment is together.
  • Learn how to behave at the shoot.
  • Learn about editing your work and delivering it to the client.

Meeting the Client

The client meeting is integral to your assignment. Your sense of photography will not always match that of your client. The key here is to find compromise. You can find a way to use your style and creativity and still please your client. Here are some details to follow:

  • Be on time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be willing to offer your opinion and at the same time be willing to compromise.

The first two are easier than the third. If their ideas seem ridiculous, please don't laugh. If they aren't open to your suggestions, by all means meet their choices and get payment up front. You can still shoot great photos for the client.

A good plan is crucial to carrying out a photo shoot, and can help you come into the assignment with greater confidence. Have a clear idea of what the client wants, the logistics (time, date, location, people/places/products involved) of getting it done.

Planning the Pictures

Creativity doesn't appear by magic. For some maybe, but for most of us it is the result of hard work and planning. Great photos do happen by chance but most often they are the results of working a plan to fruition. Technical shots can still use a touch of creativity in composition.


Creating a checklist of equipment and a to do list ensures that you won't arrive missing important equipment.


Sketching out ideas as to the places, people or products that you may have to shoot is a good idea. It helps you make your ideas more concrete and can speed things up at the shoot. You may also add words/phrases that describe the kinds of photos your client has asked for in the shoot.


Although dull, planning details is necessary to a successful shoot. Location, lighting and time/date are as important as your equipment. Arriving early is also helpful. Make sure you have permission and access to the people and places that you will shoot.

Getting the Equipment Together

Your equipment is the bread and butter of the operation. Make sure it is ready and laid out the night before the shoot. Have your checklist on hand and go through it one item at a time. Make sure you have adequate backups for batteries, storage and even a camera. Make sure you have your memory card is empty and formatted. Plus your additional ones.


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