The Divine:A Play for Sarah Bernhardt My experience By Nicholas Heiss

Spatial Experience: As soon as I walked into the auditorium i was stunned by how amazing it looked. Everything fit into place and it had a feeling of completeness although the show had yet to begin. We arrived to the theater relatively early which allowed us to get very good seats. We sat in the first row and that really helped me enjoy the play because I felt more apart of it than I would have if I sat in the back of the auditorium. When they dimmed the lights I became very excited because I knew the play was about to begin and I was ready to get the play underway. The size of the auditorium did not really impact me too much because I am used to big crowds because of basketball games and things like that. I believe that having things in the right order and place allows you to reach your ideal good life faster and helps you to really know what you like and don't like. If things are out of order, your life can seem hectic at times and this can really take a toll on everything in your life. If things are in order, you can really do things faster than before and happier than before.

The Waiting Area

Social Experience: I went to the performance with a big group of friends who I met earlier in my freshman year. This improved my experience a lot because we all were able to talk about how we felt about the performance and entertain each other whenever we had to wait in line or during intermission. In order to get ready for the performance, I went through my usual routine of showering, putting on my deodorant and cologne, and the meeting everyone at where we would go and eat. We all had dinner together before the play which was a really good time and then we headed out to the theater to make sure we were there on time. I am so glad I went with friends and I believe this is part of the reason shared experiences can really help improve your good life. If you do things all your life by yourself it is not as fun because you never get to share thoughts with anyone and in the end you more than likely will feel lonely. If you go out with people more times than not your happiness will instantly increase and everything you do feels a lot better when you do it with others. Sharing experiences is a must in trying to find and reach your good life.

Me Waiting For The Play To Start
Me After The Play Finished

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play is set in 1905 in Quebec City, Canada. The play showed how people really lack to understand each other and how we are always very quick to judge, no matter what the circumstances are. The play also centers around art and religion and their shared importance on how we are shaped as people. I didn't know a lot about the subject matter of the play before it started which really helped me to absorb a lot of information. I am glad that I didn't know too much because if I did I feel as if I wouldn't have connected with the play as much as I did. The play really exemplifies what it means to not "Judge a book by its cover" and I really enjoyed that fact of it. The performance changed my views because I am usually guilty of judging people but now I realize that I don't know what is going on with other people and that I should refrain from doing this more than I do now. A lot of the content had to do with working hard and I try to do that on an every day basis. I am always trying my best to pursue my goals and doing everything in my power to reach those goals which is what the play showed Michaud doing. I know what it is like to give up things for your family's happiness and so I could relate to the play that way.

A Piece Of Art I Enjoyed While Waiting

Emotional Experience: The play shows katharsis in a lot of different ways. It does this by addressing issues that not many other plays or things are willing to address. Katharsis is seen in a scene where Talbot was forced to play a victim role and even when he was given an out by telling the truth, he refused because of the consequences that might come by it. This caused his family to continue struggling and showed how people are afraid to speak because of what they fear. This is very relatable to the majority of people today because a lot of people receive backlash for their opinions and this causes them to rather than open up about how they feel. This is seen a lot in politics and a lot on the news as we try to hide major tragedies and instead inform people about "feel good" stories.

Another Piece I Enjoyed

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