Buffalo Soldiers By: Hope Hessler and Lauren jacob

Who Were the Buffalo Soldiers?

The buffalo soldiers were a specific group of African American Civil War Veterans. After the congress passed legislation to create 6 units (four of them were combined into two) of all black infantries, the 9th and 10th calvaires from the civil war and later on the 24th and 25th infantries were what the buffalo soldiers consisted of. These men are most well known for fighting the Native Americans on the Western frontier. However, they also caught cattle and horse thieves and built roads. In addition, they protected U.S. mail, stagecoaches and wagons.

Portraits of former Buffalo Soilders

The Buffalo Soldiers fought many battles against the Native Americans, in fact they had almost 177 engagements. Here's a list of a few;

  • Cabin Creek Battle- it was fought at Texas Road crossed Cabin Creek, near the present-day town of Big Cabin, Oklahoma
  • Battle of Honey Springs (Summer of 1863/64)
  • Las Guasimas
  • El Caney
  • San Juan Hill

But the Buffalo Soldiers had to fight off of the battlefield too...

Fight for respect that is, these men were usually given the worst assignment and were constantly disrespected. First off they were given Union uniforms that were a different color and in poor condition, and they were disrespected and discriminated against because of the color of their skin by many of the citizens in near towns

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What were the Buffalo Soldiers lives like?

African Americans were not allowed to bear arms or serve in the military until after the Civil War. In 1866 was the establishment of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalries and the Twenty-Fourth and Twenty-Fifth Infantry Regiments. As African Americans in the military, the service they had was not the best. They earned $10.00 a month, but whites in the military earned $12.00 a month. The only bathing facilities that were available were usually a local creek. In result of this, it was common for buffalo soldiers to get diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, bronchitis, and tuberculosis were a common problem. The only food they got was beef or bacon, potatoes, beans, fresh vegetables from the post garden, and sometimes fruit or jam.

Buffalo Soldiers with Native Americans

Where does the name come from?

There are many reasons and theories as to where the name “Buffalo soldiers” came from. One is that the Native Americans believed that the soldiers curly hair looked like Buffalo hair. Another theory is that their brave and fierce nature was similar to that of the Buffalo. One last belief is that the name was given to them because of the buffalo hide coats they wore in the winter.

Buffalo and Buffalo Soldiers

Let's Test Your New Knowledge!

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