The ABC's of Africa By Zachary Riddle

A is for Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world. Africa was once joined with pangaea.

B is for Berber

Berber is an ethnic group indigenous to north america. It is located in an area stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Siwa Oasis.

C is for Cocoa

We get alot of our cocoa from Africa. Also 70% of the worlds cocoa is from Africa.

D is for Dinka

Dinka is a nilotic dialect cluster spoken by the dinka people. Dinka is also the major ethnic group of Southern Sudan.

E is for Ebola

The west african ebola virus epidemic was the most widespread ebola outbreak. Ebola can be preventable but if you do get it you have a very high percentage chance of dying.

F is for Fang

An ethnic group found in equatorial Guinea. Also can be found in Northern Gabon, and Southern Cameroon.

G is for Goldblatt

Goldblatt was an photographer of africa. And he has Documented Africa for over 50 years of hid lifetime.

H is for Handicrafts

Africa has a wide range of craftwork styles like tribal designs. Africa produces a remarkable range of arts and crafts.

I is for Indigenous Art

Is the world largest art gallery. Rock art of Drakensburg is the most concentrated group.

J is for Jukskei

Jukskei is a 240 years old game that was developed in africa and played alot in africa

K is for Kwaito

Kwaito is a very popular dancing tradition. Is a variant of house music.

L is for Literature

Africa had a rich history of literacy output.

M is for Maasai

A nilotic ethnic group inhabiting southern kenya and northern tanzania. Known best for their local populations.

N is for Nguni

Nguni is a group of people who primarily speak Nguni language. The Nguni people are Xhosa,Zulu,Ndebele, and Swazi people.

O is for Oromo

An ethnic group inhabiting Ethiopia. Also found in northern kenya and somalia.

P is for Paleontology

Africa has one of the worlds richest concentrations of fossils.

Q is for Qur'an

Muslims believe to be a revelation from god. Quran was the finest work in classical arabic literature.

R is for Robot

In Africa you stop at robots instead of stop lights. Africa is very rich and they use robots.

S is for Salt

Salt was used to preserve food in africa. Salt is also more valuable than gold in africa.

T is for Tsoti

First south american film to win an oscar. Tsoti means thug or hoodlum.

U is for Unesco World Heritage.

National park has more plant species in its 22000 hectares. Has the highest mountains.

V is for Victoria Lake

One of the African great lakes. Lake was named after queen Victoria.

W is for Wine

Africa has been producing wine since the 17th century. The most famous estate.

X is for Xenophobia

Immigrants from elsewhere faced discrimination and even violence. The incident of Xenophobia increased.

Y is for Yaka

African ethnic group in southwestern DMC. Angola borders to their west.

Z is for Zulu

A bantu ethnic group of southern africa and the largest group. 10-11 million people are Zulu people.

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