A Million Shades Of Gray By:Cynthia kadohata

The overall location is in Vietnam. It makes me feel like it's a poor city and people always get sick. It's also a place where it's not safe and people can do whatever they want.
The specific locations are in the dessert and in school. The dessert is very dry with a few mud pools and that's where Y'Tin goes with Lady to get her hydrated. Lady also covers herself with mud to keep cool.
My novel takes place in 1973 in South Vietnam. Vietnam using that rich of a place and people can afford much so people die and many people are suffering from malnutrition. Vietnam is also a war zone so that makes the place even worse.
The weather is very dry and othere's not that much moisture in the air. This means that people, need to be hydrated or people will die, there's also not that much water so that's even worse for the people that are living there. Year around its dry, because of where it's located.
The population is very little. People die every day in Vietnam because of malnutrition, dehydration, and war. A lot of Muslim people live there and that's mainly the religion there. A lot of poor people live in Vietnam. I imagine Vietnam being a terrible place to live.
In Vietnam people have grass huts, people are barefoot, and people have no shirt on and most girls where ancient skirts that are made by hand. The grass huts are made for people to live in, and people use the skirts to wear when they are walking around. It's a very poor place.
The mood in the book so far is unhappy. It seems very boring and almost nothing to do, it's very hot outside and a lot of people are suffering. Y'Tin is caring for Lady as much as he can, but sometimes it's still not enough, Lady is always dehydrated and malnourished. The story so far is very gloomy.
The setting affects the story a lot because the weather is very hot and people are tired and people don't the much money so that's means that people can't afford a house or clothing or food and water. The setting is also very dry so you can't get that much water. A lot of people are suffering because of the weather.


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