What does it feel to be stuck on a lonley island?

I had a dream about it.. and it was about my best friend and me.

Well .. this is the story behind it:

My friend and me went to an island. I remember that we decided to go on a small isolated island. I will cut the long story short about our journey. The first thing we did was to walk along perimeter. It took a long time for us to make a round to reach where we started.. but at the same time we knew that the island was a small place.. so we were very confused.

On our way, we collected few stones, dry wooden sticks and other things. We set up a small tent made out of leaves under a beatiful violet tree.

Skipping to the survival part, we had enough food but at the same time we knew we didn’t need the food on this island. The tree gaved us everything we needed. Of course, it wasn’t very delicious and not even enough for one person but still.. we felt safe and protected.

The tree was our protector and our home at this moment. We felt safe with him and we were so sure about one thing: We will be ok, no matter what

And then.. suddendly I woke up

I really loved this dream and I want to tell everybody about the meaning behind it.. of at least a theory I have. I think it’s obvious. Sometimes our closest loved ones give us this kind of feeling - home feeling - love - a tree where we can lay in the shade. Sleeping under this beautiful tree made of colors and energy.

So this is why I decided to paint this oilpainting...

Thanks so all my friends for this home feeling

Swiss Artist

Stephanie Künzli Ycaza

S.K.Y. Art

Based in Basel, Switzerland


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