The tremendous and sensational dance “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” was established in the year 2012 in the movie, “Rock of Ages” and was choreographed by the talented Mia Michaels. The main intent to create this piece was to convey to the audience an entertaining piece throughout, with a group of housewives wanting to destroy rock as well as Stacee Jaxx. The movement and the non-movement components help develop aggressive behaviour with the various costumes, set, large spacing along with high energy throughout the entire dance. But deep down inside, Patricia Whitmore is hiding a deep dark secret from her past.

The space and the energy positively helped the movement components in the entire dance. The space during the song started at the back of the church hall in two lines with Patricia Whitemore leading the group into the middle, then it develops into a triangle. The housewives congest into the middle of the aisles during the middle of the song then the split onto different rows of chairs. The interpretation of the space in this piece was to have a triangle with the main character Patricia Whitemore at the front. They used this space because they clearly wanted to show the main role taking action to destroy Stacee Jaxx with a clean, strong triangle. The energy during the entire dance was hard hitting and smooth movements. They used hard hitting movements along with a gun shot and muscle movements as a motif to show Patricia Whitemore taking over rock and to tell the audience that she will stop Stacee Jaxx. Space and energy were used effectively and well throughout the entire dance.

The song “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” featured in the movie “Rock of Ages” had amazing movement components but it also had outstanding non-movement elements such as the costume and set. These two elements certainly helped the performance come together. The costumes had various dresses and pant suits, they wore high heel shoes along with puffed up high fringes. The costumes where very effective because it helped describe the dancers as goody two shoes and wealthy women. Another excellent movement component was the set. The set had numerous elements such as candelabras were set at the back of the church and at the front. Rows of seats where spaced on either side of the church with a large alleyway for the dancers to dance between, flowers, podium, a very large image of Stacee Jaxx along with a humongous organ instrument on the churches stage. The exceptional set was undoubtedly successful. They used these objects to show that they are in a church. But this is very contradictory with the rules of a church because they are talking about drugs, and are grabbing Stacee Jaxx’s genitals.

In conclusion, this performance was successful and had excellent components such as the movement and non – movement elements. The space, energy, costume and set where astonishing. The hard-hitting energy and the strong, clean space were great. Costume and set were marvellous with various costumes and numerous props. Overall it was a great performance throughout the entire dance.

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