CLIENT-Variety( the children’s charity) is a donation charity of financial support for those when children and their families face in a hard situation and either they can’t afford it or government assistance isn’t available.There are variety support like wheelchairs, specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies. ( Variety All children deserve the same opportunities sourced from

AUDIENCE- Parent and people who have a ability to assist and be a financial donor.

PURPOSE- The purpose of the visual communication are support to promotion this diary and engage people to donate for improve children's life.

CONTEXT- Charity Organisation, Office, Places of Education and study


  • include charity organisation logo
  • Include the text "2018 Diary",
  • The artwork must be 210mm with 296mm(landscape) plus 3mm bleed with crop marks as the total side front and back. So the artwork would be divided into the front and back cover are 210mm with 148mm(portrait).
  • The diary will be spiral bound, so don't put any critical information 5mm on either side of the binding area.
  • Colours must be CMYK. No RGB files will be accepted.
  • With the high resolution print quality artwork as a PDF.
  • Files must be 300 dpi.
  • Files must be no more than 8 Mb.
(Use for time management to complete my Diary cover design on time)


sources from: show the charity in my design)

CLIENT- This charity variety ( the children's charity) is founded in 1975 in Sydney Australia, it has conducted in every Australia’s mainland capital cities and cooperation with other main four partners are Brydens Lawyers,Allied Express,Charter Hall and G.J.Gardner. The Chairmen is Chief Barkers and they name the charity 'Tents' as accolade (Variety Our History sourced from

Due to the years, they have provided different types of services to help and support children. There are Rare diseases and scholarships programs are offers financial and practical assist for the children who have disadvantage medical condition and the the children who have disability with their existing talent to reach their dream, also the Future kids program is create a opportunity to children's education such as, technology, music, sport and so on. (Variety Rare Diseases sources from , ( Variety Scholarships sources from and (Variety Future Kids sources from

The School and organisation program are help children who in a hard physical defect situation with all-ability playgrounds include Sunshine coaches supply transport for children interact with community, Liberty swings which is chance to children playing on a swing together enjoy the joy. Similar of the Caring for kids and Wigs for kids programs is to approach children's needs of medical equipment, and proved the kids who have lost their hair due to the medical condition. (Variety Schools and Organisations sources from, (Variety Sunshine Coaches sources from, (Variety Liberty Swings sources from, (Variety Caring For Kids sources from and ( Wigs for Kids sources from

Because Variety the children's charity is really looking forward to help children have a better life with their family, they are more focus on existing services. In turn, they do not have any existing product of the charity.

( All those sources is used as information of my design ideas)

AUDIENCE-The main audience I like to be in my diary cover design is for parent but I also want to cover the age 18 and over eighteen who have the financial ability to help and donate for the. Disability statistics in 2009 a cause of over 4 million people in Australia have some form of disability. That's 1 in 5 people and 290,000(7.2%) were children aged 0-14 years. In 2003 to 2009 disability of Australias had decreased from 20%to 18% and for the children's disability had decreased from 8.2% to 7.0%. (4102.0 - Australian Social Trends, Jun 2012, DISABILITY RATES OVER TIME sources from

DISABILITY RATE OF CHILDREN BY SEX - 2003 AND 2009 . Sources from :ABS 2003 and 2009 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers ( This is used for to show the condition of Australia's children Disability)

( 4102.0 - Australian Social Trends, Jun 2012, DISABILITY RATE OF CHILDREN BY SEX - 2003 AND 2009 sources from

( All those sources is used as information of my design ideas)

Sources from: (for show the sign in my design)

PRODUCTS- One of the bigger competition is Starlight Children's Foundation. They have very comprehensive's exisiting services. One of the main unique program they have, is that they cooperation with Australian health professionals and World Health Organisation's (WHO's) . This are about the energetic psychology principles that support the 'total care' and improving the positive way thinking on overall physical and mental health of kids and their families, which is call 'health care system' . The main idea is that to cure and help kids and their families's trauma when they facing in a medical condition, in the future trend they keep recent bias towards of that 'fun fights fear and wins every time.' (Starlight OUR MISSION BRIGHTENING THE LIVES OF SICK KIDS sources from and ( Starlight OUR IMPACT HAVING FUN IS SERIOUS BUSINESS sources from and (Starlight Star-BQ Agreement sources from

One of the new materials is they offer a new allowance of Star- BQ Agreement to fundraise to be authorised and the team materials will be proved by Starlight. ( Starlight STAR-BQ AGREEMENT LET'S MAKE IT OFFICIAL! sources from

Starlight have a active community attitude of event and fundraise, such as they sell those $5 and $ 10 as 2016 Emirates Melbourne Cup souvenir pins to raise as many as possible funds to support the kids who are facing in the medical condition.They also bring the opportunity to the two teens who have a gaming dreams come true of the 2016 EB Games Expo. (Starlight VOLUNTEER AT THE RACES AND HELP SICK KIDS sources from and ( Starlight A GAMETASTIC DAY AT THE EB GAMES EXPO sources from

( All those sources is used as information of my design ideas)

Idea Generation


  • I will used red, back, white and yelllow colours as the main ideas.
  • Four words for the personality of the charity are helpful, caring, hopeful and future.
  • Used red as the main colour to present the charity.
  • Shape: Heat.
  • With the 'Diary 2018' writing.
  • Paper-plane with a heart for the back of the diary cover.
  • Design a paper crane and the charity logo at the front of the diary cover.
  • Two kids holding hand together.
  • I will draw my design using watercolour.


Mood board

Elements and Principles

  • Shape- Because is the donate charity, so I will going to used heart shape as the symbol of the charity.
  • Colour- I going to used primary colour red and yellow to make the element standout and red colour represent as helping and love, yellow colour represent as happy and hope. Probable arrange 50% of red colour 30% of yellow and 20% of black and white colour to makes it looks comfortable.
  • Value- I will make balance for the lightness and darkness of the colours, it makes in a fun layers to catch the audience.
  • Space-There are plan to have the negative and positive space in the diary cover to make the graphic element 'breathe'.
  • Balance- In my design element, I will compare with the colour used and the distance of shape or drawing in the cover, which though out the balance to make the design looks harmony and completeness.
  • Rhythm- There will be two kids holding hand together and facing forward to create a feeling of happy, and convey the message of their beautiful future.
This is my charity diary cover sketch

Annotations of mood board


Concept Development and Refinement

  • When I start to used photoshop to create my design, I fine it hard to present what I want. In contrast, for the diary cover I want the design elements is by original, so decided to used watercolour and other tools to draw my won design, than I will put it into InDesign.
  • Due in the experimented with design element and principles, I had did a lot of colour test. For example, I blend that many times of white colour with red colour, it gradually appear different gradient colour and saturation, which has different stages of pink. Though out the continue process to find out the atmosphere that I want to convey, which are positive element, love, helping, happiness, hope and future. Also has experimented of used kind of the heart shape, hand, hospital sign, and used rectangle as money to interact people to donate. With the experimented design principles, I draw two kids holding hand together with their back, it seem like they're looking forward. In turn, to emphasis the main point that there are better future for the kids, just need your litter help. This maybe interact people's sympathy, thus of donate money to support children have a better live.
  • The most effective design solutions is my design concept and the design structure. My design purpose is to command audience 's emphasis to donate money or as a volunteer, to help children who are in the medical condition for face in a hard situation. Which will give them a better education, medicare, environment and so on. The design structure is how I combine my design element and principles to reach my concept. Like though out the colour experience to build up the skill of attract audience attention. The used of object like two child holding hand and the paper crane seems to delivery the support for the children from the wold.
  • The design solution have meet directly to purpose of donate money, the context of the children charity diary cover, and the audience are parent and people who have a ability to assist and be a financial donor. though out the design element and principles which have shown above. In constraints to meet the design brief, for the final layout of my art work will include charity organisation logo and the text "2018 Diary", my artwork will be 210mm with 296mm(landscape) plus 3mm bleed with crop marks as the total side front and back. Ana the artwork would be divided into the front and back cover are 210mm with 148mm(portrait), Colours will be CMYK, files will be 300 dpi, and come up with the high resolution print quality artwork as a PDF.
  • The refinements needed to fulfil the design brief maybe keep it simple, and clearly shown the main point for my diary cover.

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