My Local Government VIllage of hobart

Address of Hobart Village Office~ 2990 S.Pine Tree Road Hobart, WI 54155
The four events/issues I researched were the following: November 22, 2016, minutes- The village operating budget discussion had taken place, property tax levy and special charges, for example recycling were also involved in the discussion. January 3, 2016, minutes- Social media pages for our local fire and police department were put onto the March agenda. Febuary 7, 2017, minutes- They began talking about adding a market place district at Centennial Centre. They will begin this by starting off with a veterinary clinic. They discussed a sewer fund and land and sub division regulations. Febuary 22, 2017, minutes- They reviewed the annual debt management policy . They also approved a skid loader which will cost 25,758 dollars.

I selected the event that had occurred on October 25 of 2016 regarding the desion to repair or to buy a new snowplow for the Village. The cost to repair the snowplow is 9,000 dollars and to replace the snowplow it would cost 48,543 dollars. They want to replace or repair the ton snow plow because the fuel and filter breaks up sending metal shards through the engine. My local government had come with the solution to buy a new ton snow plow. They will come with the funding through Capital Reservation Fund. I do agree with the desion that my local government had come up with. I agree because if we were to keep the old snowplow and just get it repaired it would only get more damaged and need more repairs over time. This will then most likely lead to equal or cost more than it would be to buy a new ton snow plow. My solution to this issue would be to just buy another ton snow plow because that way they can sell the old one and make money to help pay off the new snowplow. The new snowplow will also get a lot of use out of it.

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