What is Good Food? fruits, veggies, legumes and nuts.

You can get all the nutrients you need from fruits, legumes nuts and vegetables. There are 6 nutrients you need to survive. Fats, protein vitamins, minerals and water. All of which you can get from a plant based diet.
You can get your fats from flax seeds, Almonds, Tahini, Chia seeds and avocado. These have all the good fats like monosaturated and polysaturated fats. Instead of trans fat which has become very popular in common the U.S diet.
My favorite form of protein is beans. But, you can also get protein from nuts, Tofu, lentils like green peas, hemp seeds and chia seeds.
Kiwis are very rich in vitamins. So are carrots, sweet peas, winter squash, apricots and much much more.
If you plan on having a plant based diet minerals are essential. 2 of the most overlooked minerals in a plant based diet are calcium and Iron. You can get calcium from almonds, broccoli kale etc.. You can get Iron in avocados pumpkins parsley etc.. Vegetables that are a rich green color tend to have more minerals.
The foods you eat can actually hydrate you. For example, cucumber's body weight is 92.5% water. Although it is pretty neat that you can get a lot of hydration from certain fruits and veggies make sure you drink plenty of water.


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