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Arctic White: simply soft
》》ARCTIC WHITE: Signature style | Absolute favorite | Always setup
  • Light placement plays a primary role in how your final image will look.
  • Simply Soft: uses basic light placement giving your images an elegant soft off-white finish.
  • Simply Classic: uses specific light placement giving your images a crisp white classic finish.
Arctic White: simply soft
Fresh 》 Clean 》 Classic 》 Timeless
Arctic White: crisp and clean
Arctic White: simply classic
Arctic White can also result in a soft grey in processing if setup correctly ..... example below
Arctic White: setup for a soft grey
》》MORNING MIST: Pleasing the to the eye | Neutral | Color Flexibility
Morning Mist
  • This is a fancy name for Grey.
  • Grey is the most adaptable photography background color and offers the flexibility to be creative with light placement and colored gel filters.
  • A neutral color that has the ability to look amazing hung in any room of your home no matter the color theme.
Morning Mist
Morning Mist
Morning Mist: Simply Warm
Morning Mist can also result in a darker moodier grey in processing if setup correctly ..... example below
Morning Mist: Dark and Moody
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