What is Memorial Day? By The Genealogy Kids

It's a day off. It marks the beginning of summer. It's a good day for a BBQ. But what is Memorial Day really all about? Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your kids:

1. What is Memorial Day really for?

This is a special day to REMEMBER those who have gone before us, specifically those who died serving our country!

2. Which of our ancestors served in the military? Did any of them die while serving? Which wars did they serve in?

In our family, one Grandpa was a National Guardsman who served in the Korean War, two grandpas served in the army during WWII, and a few ancestors fought in the American Revolution. Our grandpas did not die in the war (thank goodness ... or we wouldn't be here!) But we reverence those who lost their lives and we're very grateful for their sacrifice.

3. What can we do to honor Memorial Day as a family?

Here are a few things we’re doing as a family for Memorial Day:

  • Visiting a cemetery! We’re taking flowers and flags and searching for headstones of military veterans.
  • Searching our family tree for veterans and reading some of their military history.
  • Displaying a flag at our home.
  • Keeping the family BBQ patriotic (flag jello!!!)
  • James (paper airplane boy) made an Airforce jet and origami Army tank and Navy ship.


Created with an image by Samuel Branch - "untitled image"