Jenn Le's Experience at the Harn Museum by jenn Le

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

The artwork that I had seen was entitled "Chelsea" and was created through heavy contrasts of light and dark, a chiaroscuro effect, depicting the city atmosphere. I felt that the real-life experience of viewing this art highlighted the colors better because the lighting of the museum accentuated the differences of the colors. I found that the city theme and use of darker tones captured my attention because often the city life is depicted very brightly and vividly in the artworks I've seen. It communicated the notion that the city never sleeps and is a dynamic that never stops with its energy. It made me feel very reflective about my perception of my environment as it brought forth hues that I had not associated with the city before.

Me with "Chelsea" by Yvonne Jacquette. 23 color silkscreen.

Design of the museum:

This exhibit was specifically appealing to me as I felt it visually aligned with the aesthetic of the museum. The reddish and cream tones of the wedding ensemble matched with the walls and flooring of the museum thus emphasizing the neutral look of the establishment. The lighting aided in bringing out the colors of the museum and reinforced the appeal of the exhibit. The work itself was larger in size than most of the works around it and captured more attention because of this. This exhibit made me feel comfortable because of the way the colors complemented the overall aesthetic of the museum.

a Woman's Wedding Ensemble by the Amazigh People of Siwa, Egypt in the Late 20th century

Art and Core Values:

One of my core values involve being aware of my entity and what I can do. This artwork appealed to my core values as it depicts a notion of self-reflection in which the artist is aware of his/her memory and presumably their emotions. In addition, this intuitive reflection of the self parallels to my appreciation of the ability of an individual to be in tuned with their self. I value that humans are constantly attempting to understand themselves and this artwork demonstrates one person doing so. The artwork instills an emotion of sorrow as although the work makes me appreciate self-awareness it brings forth the idea that self-reflection can bring out both happy and sad emotions.

An installation of Louise Bourgeois's Feminist Legacy

Art and the Good Life:

The "Seeking the Good Life" theme is what I felt was encapsulated through this art as it reminded me of Henry David Thoreau's Walden which depicted how good life could be sought out through remote simplicity. I believe that this Good Life theme is illustrated by the bright colors and present of a home surrounded not by city life but by the nature aesthetic of trees (similar to the environment that Thoreau describes in Walden) . I feel that this good life theme is communicated through the vividness of the colors as the bright shades promote nature and depict the brightness the natural world can bring. This artwork contributes to my appreciation of the theme as it exhibits how my Good Life can be prevalent anywhere as long as I keep looking even if it requires me to look outside as my society is now focused on being indoors regularly.

Jim Twadell's Place. Oil on Canvas. 1924. George Wesley Bellows

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