Paint Chip Poetry Bethanie Bouray

We're going to use vocab words, and paint names on paint chips to write a poem. This will help you learn vocabulary words while doing something creative to help these words stick in your brain.

Here is the full list of words and definitions.

Here are all of the words in a video photo form. You can watch through this and hopefully get some clues into a few options of how to use some words. They are in order.

Next here are your exact directions

Now here are a few examples I came up with to show you what exactly you should accomplish. Do not copy these! Plagarism will account for a zero on the whole assignment. Be creative on your own and have fun, this should bring out that inner creativity. You do have free reign over the topic, just keep the theme and use your vocab words. Please keep all of your poems appropriate and held to school standards.

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Bethanie Bouray

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