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Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival formed in early 2015 as a Mardi Gras show band steeped in theatrics, but rapidly evolved into a live act that blended the edges of their southern soul, Americana, funk, and R&B, into variety of global grooves and Afro-Caribbean beats. The band's live concerts have the atmosphere of a street party and the spirit of revival. DLHR plays a hearty gumbo of styles, from yearning ballads and driving pulsating afro-pop rhythms to Carnival-esque sambas and Israeli inspired oom-pahs, from straight ahead rock to deep burning soul. Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival is funky, tight, and energetic on the stage and they carry a positive message that celebrates living life as "humans without borders". DLHR is here to remind the world that through the expression of music, art, and dance, we truly are One!

Press and industry quotes

"Daddy Longlegs is a Gr8 World Class Musician/Entertainer, full of Energy & engages audiences of all ages & backgrounds! Talented Musicians compliment Longlegs to round out the Homegrown Revival! An excellent choice for all occasions, Daddy Longlegs Homegrown Revival will keep you dancing all night long!"

- Kent and Angelica AM 1490 Cleveland, OH

"Davidione's stage presence is reminiscent of a saxophone shredding, psychedelic Prince- Paired with a rhythm section whose pocket is so deep, you'll never find that last coin. These boy's bring a flavor of funk you do NOT want to miss! DON'T SLEEP ON DADDY LONGLEG'S HOMEGROWN REVIVAL!"

- Dustin Mihaich - Funk n' Waffles Syracuse, NY

“Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival is great! Not only were they super friendly and professional, they’re awesome musicians who clearly know what they’re doing. Highly recommended!”

Jabu - Manhattan Pizza Burlington VT

"Thanks to Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival, Cleveland is now the center of the world. These cats are rustbelt gumbo with every spice imaginable tossed in the pot, along with some gunpowder for added bang in the boogie. Just dig the band's version of The Beatles' "Come Together".

Frank De Blase

City Paper - Rochester New York

"...people had emerged from the woodwork as the driving beats and funky melodies descending from the stage filled the space with dancing bodies and intoxicating grooves. The funky rhythms of Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival drove the audience on a musical adventure..."

Danielle Andes


Daddy Longleg's Homegrown Revival is

Davidione Pearl - Vocals, Saxophone, Percussion

Lovest Watson - Bass

Mike McNamara - Guitar


Tour Dates

Mardi Gras in July, Fairport Harbor, OH 7/4/2020

La Guarapachanga Music Festival, Pinar Del Rio, CUBA 4/20/2020-4/25/2020

Jilly's Music Room, Akron, OH 3/29/20

New Deal Cafe, Washington, DC 3/28/20

Fire, Philadelphia, PA 3/28/2020

Brothers Lounge, Cleveland, OH 2/25/20

Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH 11/27/19

FLX LIVE, Geneva, NY 10/12/19

Abeline, Rochester, NY 10/11/19

Tenk, Cleveland, OH 9/28/19 (private fundraiser)

Rocktober Fest House Party, Beechwood, OH 9/22/19

78th Street Studio, Cleveland, OH 9/20/19

A Celebration of the Arts, Bedford, OH 9/15/19

CMA Chalk Fest, Cleveland, OH 9/14/19

Berea Fest, Berea, OH 9/8/19

Party On The Lake, Madison, OH 9/1/19

Night Market, Cleveland, OH 8/30/19

New Deal Cafe, Greenbelt, MD 7/28/19

Mythmusica Festival, Townsend, DE 7/27/19

Church of Universal Love and Music, Acme, PA 7/26/19

Farm Party, Mt. Pleasant, PA 7/26/19

Boulevard Tavern, Charleston, WV 7/13/19

Starwood Festival, Pomeroy, OH 7/12/19

Purple Fiddle, Thomas, WV 7/11/19

Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA 7/10/19

Edgewater Street Fest, Cleveland, OH 6/30/19

Burning River Fest, Cleveland, OH 6/22/19

Parade The Circle, Cleveland, OH 6/8/19

Hessler Street Fair, Cleveland, OH 6/1/19

FLX Live, Geneva, NY 4/27/19

Room 33 Speakeasy, Erie, PA 4/26/19

Annabelle's, Akron, OH 3/17/19

Brothers Lounge, Cleveland, OH (Mardi Gras) 3/5/19

Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH 1/26/19 (with Carlos Jones)

"Adventure Down Bourbon Street" fundraiser for A Kid Again non-profit November 2018

Tenk, Cleveland OH 11/10/18

Kepners, Hudson OH 10/13/18

Jilly's Music Room, Akron OH 10/12/18

Private Party, Beachwood OH 10/7/18

Abeline's, Rochester NY 10/5/18

Abeline's, Rochester NY 9/14/18

Brothers Lounge, Cleveland OH 8/31/18

Burning Man Festival, Lost Penguin Stage, Black Rock NV 8/26/18

Sparx City Hop, Cleveland OH 8/18/18

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, Pittsburgh PA 8/3/18

Funk'n'Waffles, Syracuse NY 7/21/18

Abeline Bar and Lounge, Rochester NY 7/20/18

Purple Fiddle, Thomas WV 7/12/18

Starwood Festival, Wisteria OH 7/11/18

Ohio City House Party, Cleveland OH 7/8/18

Hessler Street Fair, Cleveland OH 6/3/2018

Jilly's Music Room, Akron OH 5/25/18

FLX Live, Geneva NY 4/28/17

Abeline's, Rochester NY 4/13/17

Neitzsche's, Buffalo NY 4/13/18

5 o'clock Lounge, Lakewood OH 3/24/18

Jilly's Music Room, Akron OH 2/24/18

Brother's Lounge, (Mardi Gras Party) Cleveland OH 2/13/18

Jilly's Music Room (CD Release Party), Akron OH 1/12/18

Beachland Ballroom (CD Release Party), Cleveland OH 12/15/17

Abilene's, Rochester NY 12/1/17

Nietzsche's, Buffalo NY 11/30/17

Funk n' Waffles, Syracuse NY 11/11/17

Pauly's Hotel, Albany NY 11/10/17

Manhattan Pizza, Burlington VT 11/9/17

Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland OH Sun Oct 8 2017

Nietzsche's - Buffalo NY Wed Jul 26 2017

Larchmere Porchfest - Cleveland OH Sat Jun 17 2017

Hessler Street Fair - Cleveland OH Sun Jun 4 2017

Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland OH Tue May 23 2017

Brothers Lounge - Cleveland OH Tue Feb 28 2017

Brite Winter Fest - Cleveland OH Sat Feb 18 2017

Beachland Ballrom - Cleveland OH Wed Jan 18 2017

Music Box Supper Club - Cleveland OH Mon Dec 26 2016

For Booking Contact

Davidione Pearl


davidione @ hotmail.com