EHS Art 2016/2017 Vera


Every year the art students paint a mural panel in the patio between 2nd and 3rd hall but this year my students were disappointed about not having the opportunity to paint one because of the construction of our new school. We put our heads together and came up with a solution! We are going to paint our murals on treated canvas. This allows our murals to mobile. Not only can we use them to add a temporary splash of color on our temporary Ft. Eastwood portables, we also have the option to install them permanently to a wall on the new campus. The murals consist of one of the following 3 themes, showcasing students' artistic skills, illustrating students' creative writing poems, and various traditional Eastwood imagery.

Mrs. Smith has graciously provided us with start up materials, but as you can imagine this project requires quite a bit of materials. My students and I created a classroom request. Below is the link to our project if you or someone you know would like to help.

It begins... student Loper is prepping the canvas.

Y.I.S.D. Art Awards

Our district gives our students the opportunity to showcase their artist skills in a district wide competition. We submit their work based off of their medium category. The winners are then put on display in our district gallery.

Printmaking Fun

Metamorphosis: Trash to Treasure


Metamorphosis, It's Your World Project is a project started my art Teacher Candie Printz. This project promotes taking recycled materials and converted them into fantastic works of art. Eastwood was honored to have numerous students chosen to be represented in this show. Chelsea Clinton took interest in this program and spent time with each of the artist in this exhibition.


V.A.S.E. State Qualifier S. Loper

Rubin Center Artist Workshop

The Art Department had the opportunity to take a few students to UTEP's Rubin Center to participate in a workshop/collaboration with artist Lise Bjorne Linnert. Linnert's on going project, titled "Desconocido Unknown Ukjent," involves honoring women who have been murdered in Juarez by lovingly embroidering their names on cloth labels. Our students participated by adding to the 7,900+ names already embroidered. This project has traveled all over the world for the past ten years and every place she displays her work she asks local community members to join her in embroidering the women's names in this powerful display. During our visit we also had the privilege to tour the rest of the Rubin Center's Art exhibition that included artists making artwork to counter violence in their community. We even got to view local successful artists that have recently been on display at the Honeyguide Gallery. A special treat was to see trooper alumni and now UTEP Printmaking Professor Nabil Gonzalez's work on display. This was a fantastic experience for all involved.

The link included below is an article featured in Arts & Culture Texas Magazine about the Rubin Center exhibition. Even though it does not talk about our particular visit, a few of our students made the photo cut!

Loretto Art Show

2nd Place

Black History Month Competition

1st Place

Community Collaboration

Rachel's Challenge, Art Club, and StuCo came together to partner up with One Grub to create a Pay it Forward event at the Opportunity Center.

Pancake Art

What better way to end the Fall Semester than with an assignment that involves art and food? We created pancake drawings. the varying cooking times created value in our drawings. The best part was getting to eat our beautiful work.

National Portfolio Day

The Y.I.S.D. Fine Arts' Department offers our Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to attend National Portfolio Day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This event invites Fine Arts schools from all over the Nation to review students' art portfolios. The admission officers from the colleges give students advice on their work and pointers on getting admitted in to art school.

EHS Library Bookmark Competition

Spray Painting Workshop

The students experienced the non-traditional painting method of spray paint. We went through all the safety procedures of using acrylic spray paint and the many possibilities using this style of paint holds.

Dia de los Muertos at Central Office

The Eastwood Art Department has built a reputation for creating and placing in the district altar competition. Although the art department did not win this year, another group from Eastwood did win. This competition allows you to make your altar as traditional or as creative as you would like. This year we wanted to honor actors such as Heath Ledger and Christopher Reeves who played super hero/villains comic book characters. We went a little crazy with the theme and even created self portraits as comic book characters in the style of Dia de los Muertos.

Arte con Corazon

Arte con Corazon is an art auction that the El Paso Human Services produces to raise funds for the Winchester House. Our students created paintings to raise money for the less fortunate, bringing this cause over $200 in donations.

Homecoming 2016

The Art Department and Art club work with Student Council to bring EHS quality and fun decorations for homecoming.

Extra Curricular

Rachel's Challenge

Eastwood Middle girls 8th grade soccer Team

2nd Place District Champs

Attendance Committee

Fine Arts PTA

Professional Artist Development

Artist Incubator Grant Program Recipient

HOrned Toad Print Exchange

Arte Maestro

Metamorphosis: Trash to Treasure Workshop

Opportunity Center

On going collaboration with the Opportunity Center for the homeless, in conjunction with The Seed of Benevolence art work.

Make A Wish Foundation Art show

I had the honor to help orchestrate a pop-up show for Amri Lopez. This special art show was in conjunction with Amri's Make a Wish send off to her trip to Disney World.

YISD Faculty Art Show

Each year we have the privilege to start off the school year by showcasing our personal art work at the district gallery, La Galeria de Senecu

Arte con Corazon

Art En Vivo Featured Print Artists

Print zero exchange

Be the Change

I was chosen to be the teaching artist for U.T.E.P.'s "Be the Change" Summer student workshop. We spent a week working with 6th-12th graders creating art work.This memorable teaching experience was amazing. We worked closely with each student making art work about things they wanted to change in the world, taking the "first steps" with them to making their change a reality through art.

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