Democracy vs. Dictatorship By:Andrew Andrade

Democracy vs. Dictatorship Images

This represents democracy because it shows how many people could use their voice to talk to the government. The government will help you with anything.You have live, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This shows dictatorship because you could see the dictator making his own decisions for the country, he doesn't need others telling him what to do. He controls his own country how he wants it to be.

Democracy is where people have the right to vote for their next leader. People could use their voice to make any changes that is happening.

Dictatorship is where a form of government where the majority of the power goes to the dictator/leader. People are unable to make decisions and can't change the government. The dictator is the only person who makes all the decisions.


  1. Voting
  2. Equality
  3. Groups
  4. Elections
  5. Protesters
  6. Freedom
  7. Campaign
  8. Alliance


  1. Power
  2. Decisions
  3. Fascist
  4. Military
  5. Individual
  6. Inequality
  7. No Freedom
  8. Obey

Democratic Link

Dictatorship Link

Description of Ralph and Jack

Ralph is like a democracy because he isn't the one who has most of the power. Its also Piggy who helps Jack with most of the problems. Ralph listens to everyone and Jack doesn't. Thats why they are split up.

Jack is like a dictatorship because he wants to be the only one making all the choices. He doesn't want to listen to know one. Jack just wants to go hunting and not keep the fire going. While Ralph wants to keep the fire going and get rescued. Jack thinks he is the toughest and just wants everybody to obey him.




  1. You could vote.
  2. Create laws.
  3. Make protests.


  1. Don't want the leader you wanted.
  2. They decide what to do.
  3. Government creates laws.



  1. Only one leader.
  2. Dictator has power.
  3. Dictator makes choices.


  1. People have to obey.
  2. Dictator has the most power.
  3. Can't speak up for what wrong.


In my opinion the best form of government is democracy. I think this is the best form of government because not only one has the power. More people have the power, and you can also speak up for what wrong. You could tell the government the mistakes they are doing and they will probably listen. You could also have protest. Dictatorship won't allow you to hear you pr ideas,and you just have to obey them on what they say.Finally, with Democracy you have freedom equality, also life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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