Trip to the Harn The most beautiful art museum i have ever been too!!

I never expected anything out of Harn Museum when I was on a bus to the destination. Art is one of my least interesting field and personally, I am not talented in drawing nor painting. Even when I entered the building, the huge lobby with well organized furniture couldn't change my mind. Then this huge statue that was standing on the entrance to the art galleries made me think ' oh, maybe this museum might be a interesting experience!'.

This particular type of drawing was my favorite masterpiece. I could clearly see the lines of the buildings and the lights of the city. However, the most interesting part was that even without any paintings with different colors, Yvonne Jacquette an artist, expressed the lights and feeling of a realistic city buildings and people's daily lives. The title of the painting was 'Midtown composite', and clearly I could see how the Midtown looks like during the nighttime. The technique that was used in this painting was incredible. On the paper where it is usually yellow, you cover it with black. Then all you have to do is, by using a sharp drawing tool, tear off the black cover. The dark cover of the paper was expressed as nighttime to me.

I really enjoyed how Museum itself was organized. There were different wings in the museum with paintings and sculptures that fits the title of the wing. There were also some beautiful gardens that people could take a rest and feel the nature. The most interesting wing was a Asian Art wing. There were numerous artifacts and sculptures from Asia. In particular, I enjoyed Korean Art gallery, where there were sculptures from Korea. Not only because it is my home country but also because I like how clean and organized the room was. I also felt proud of my country and felt special while staying in the room.

There was one wing in the Museum that I could feel pain and sufferings by looking at the photos and drawings. It was a section about Africa. There was a picture about African slaves building walls and buildings and people harvesting and making food. What I felt from these pictures and drawings was a sorrow and pain. I felt like the reason a painter drew this picture with dark color is to express the sorrow of these people and how hard their society used to be. Even when there was a drawing of African people enjoying their cultures and party, I could still feel some pain in it.

In overall the experience in the Harn Art Museum was a life experience for me. It started off as a little interest, but then this art Museum and its exhibits just triggered me. Every time, i was a different photos and drawings, I could feel love, sufferings, pain, and delight. Especially, when I was looking at the paintings and sculptures in the African section, I could feel the injustice and how people were still living a good life in within their society. They still were developing their own cultures and stories in their village with their families and people, even during those hard times. I learned a lot from their hard workings and their positiveness.

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