Mummification By: Eddie RomaNo

Mummification was a process the ancient Egyptians used that made their culture unique. You would probably think that the Egyptians started mummification but they didn't the South Americans started the mummification process. The Egyptians thought that once you die you would go to the afterlife. The mummies were actually dead pharaohs. They would not also wrap humans but also animals like cats and dogs. Poor people in Egypt would be buried in in sand only the rich people would be buried in pyramids. The Egyptians thought that the mummies were protected by curses.

People would try to steal the mummies and their belongings. They would unwrap the mummies to get people pay money. Once you get mummified they would put your organs in canopic jars but they would leave your heart inside the body. The reason the Egyptians would leave the heart inside the body was because they thought it had emotions and intelligence. The mummification process had 11 steps to it. The steps could go almost to 70 days! The steps were

Insert a hook through the nose and pull out part of the brain

Make a cut near the stomach on the left side

Remove all internal organs

Let the organs dry

Put the lungs, intentiences, stomach and liver in canopic jars

Place heart back inside the body

Rinse inside body with wine and spices

Cover corpse with natron salt for at least 70 days

After the 40 days you have to stuff the body with linen or sand

After 70 days wrap the body with bandages to head to toe

Place the body in a sarcophagus


Created with images by Lunchbox Photography - "Egyptian Mummy" • karen_neoh - "Mummy"

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