Katie Pandas


Giant Pandas are omnivores but they are stubborn because they only eat bamboo. They are not nutritious and eat 20-40 kg a day. Shockingly they eat 12 hours a day. They have curved paws because then they can eat there bamboo.


They live in southwest betiful,amazing china and Giant Pandas live in the bright,green forests. They live up to 20 years old. Poeple in china cut down trees and Giant Pandas get killed because the Giant Pandas can only stay in this home because it is the only home which has bamboos.


Giant Pandas have pitch black and shiny white fur. It is used for decoration. They have thick hair for whamth in the winter autaum and spring.


Giant Pandas only eat bamboos: also they are omnivorous: they are black and white ; they spend 12 hours a day eating. A well known fact is Giant Pandas live for 20 years.


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