The Wicked Plants Exhibit was one of my favorite exhibits in the museum. I particularly enjoyed this exhibit because it emphasized the mysteries of the world. I learned that the natural world isn't just made up of weeds and roses but rather there are many plants that are actually quite extraordinary but can also be very lethal. I was drawn to the exhibit because it was unlike any other exhibit in the museum. Many of the other exhibits contained animals and information regarding these various animals, but the Wicked Plant exhibit was much more interactive and focused on flora instead of fauna. I also related to the exhibit because it reminded me of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and the author of the novel graduated from my high school.


Due to urbanization we are quickly getting rid of the natural allure of the world. This museum resonated with me because it focused entirely on Florida, and I knew that everything I was looking at or reading pertained to my home. I enjoyed the "nature settings" because they really encompassed the beauty of Florida. Looking at the settings I understood what we will be giving up if we continue on our current path of destruction. National Parks are supposed to be sanctuaries in which we can ensure that the parts of the Earth remain untarnished, but it's sad to see that even those are starting to disappear. My visit to the museum lead me to realize that it is our job as people is to preserve the essential beauty of the planet.


The Butterfly Rainforest was by far the most captivating aspect of the museum. It was a real departure from the stresses of college and everyday life. Not only were the butterflies stunning but the natural scenery was equally as beautiful Butterflies are usually a symbol for rebirth since they essentially start as one animal and end up as another. What I realized however that butterflies also signify difference and individuality. While in the Butterfly Rainforest I saw dozens of butterflies but no two were the same yet each were beautiful in their own way. The same principle applies to humans. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

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