neptune the god of the sea

The diameter or size of the planet - Neptune's diameter at the equator is 30,775 miles

The period or rotation and revolution - the revolution of neptune is 2,795,083,000 miles.

Average distance from the sun -the average distance of neptune is 4,495,060,000 kilometers

Origin of the planet’s name - the planet neptune was named after the roman god of the sea king neptune.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature - the temperature on neptune is about 326F’

4 Interesting Facts -

1. neptune was named after the roman god of the sea because of it’s blue color.

2. Neptune is the furthest planet away from the sun (except pluto which is not considered a planet).

3. Neptune’s orbit is elliptical (oval-shaped).

4. Neptune’s day—the time it takes to rotate once—lasts about 16 hours and 3 minutes.

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