Stock Market Andreas

The Stock Market

The stock market is a place where you and other people , anyone for that matter can buy , sell , trade or make massive investments in stocks / shares. These two are almost interchangeable yet in reality stocks are more of a overview of personal “shares” which are of a single / sole company..

In the world there are plenty of markets . Some of these are , for example the NYC stock market the Hong Kong Stock market and of course a very close one , the Brussels stock market.

A ticker symbol or stock symbol is a way of showing publically bought / sold shares of “public” stocks / shares. You invest in a company and put your money in it

After that if the company has success after your investments you will receive a decent percentage of the money the company makes. The ideal would be to invest in small or old companies because the big ones that are having actual success require a lot of money for investments that are really small.

My three companies are LENOVO,APPLE,ASUS. These three companies all produce technologic tools as laptops, phones and tablets. Now everyone would admit as apple being the “better” or more known company for its Ipads or Iphones etc… Anyways lenovo is the brand that made all the tablets ISB uses and Asus is well known as one of the first computer brands to make good functioning pc’s. As my research goes on I found out that apple, although having a lot of success, the company is big and investing in it might be unwise as the bigger the company is the more they have to look after, the less you get paid even though they might be floating in success. Asus in the other hand is rather small compared to apple. Their stock are almost 2 times cheaper than those from Apple and might sometimes fail depending on the country as in Asia there is a 60% users and the other 40% are all around the world. So Asus might be in the negatives for you as it might be in the positives for someone else in the world. Lenovo in the meantime made a mistake. People were pondering if or if not buying their stock. So, they lowered the price way way too much and now their stock will be most likely in the negatives/red.

As a final reflection I would say that the is a great way to experience what the stock market is really like. Thanks to the VSE I saw the companies I've invested in rise their value and give me the opportunity of selling them for an amount over 20% higher. I have seen the web trick me into investing in companies that made me lose my money. I've invested in one of the most powerful and rich companies in the world, Apple, and yet have not made as much as I hoped to because the richer and bigger a company is the more people will desire to invest in it. The more people invest in it the less every singles individual gets. If there were at first only thirty people investing in an imaginary company with let's say shares that have been sold for a 100 dollars and that now are worth 20% more per month, after six months, would gain 250 dollars. After years this imaginary company has now 300 people investing.The stock need to decrease slightly to 80 dollars each with the same 20%+ per month. Anyone who has invested would have , after six months, would gain 176 dollars. As you can probably notice the initial 30 users who have been gaining less money just because more people have been investing in the company they were investing in. Since it is the end of the project I would like to state the good things I did in this project and the things I should do for next time.

What I did well was sell my stocks that were doing amazingly great. By selling them I would have gotten 14-20% more money then when I initially bought the stocks. Since the company was having success the stocks were rising. So I could've waited, but the company could've gone in the negatives the day after, so I sold those stocks. The thing I should do for next time is doing a bit of research on the companies before buying their stocks. When we first started the project I invested in companies I thought were good without doing and further searches, that resulted the loss of money I was never able to regain through out this whole project.

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