The world of Technology! by: neel, marcell, aryan, jinang

Our projects is based on technology, technology is used everywhere, it has a big impact on our lives. Technology is also used for communicating from distances. We use some devices like a MacBook, an iPhone, earphones and headphones, USB and some adaptors. We chose technology because we thought that it has better views. Also there are many things we can use to represent technology.
Skull Candy Headphones
Macbook Pro
G - shock Watch
iPod Shuffle
Apple Earphones
Casio Youth Watch
Multi charger with a multi USB
iPhone 5s
This is what the whole picture looks like

Our experience: It was a lot of fun arranging the objects in the light box and clicking pictures of them. It was also fun to make the website with the group. Making the plan interactive and very artistic was also like an adventure.

Our group : Neel, Marcell, Jinang and Aryan.

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