The White Tailed Deer By celena mcelligoTt

They are very protective of their babies. They are found in North America from Southern Canada. Well it is the white tailed deer if course. You are going to learn about their amazing habitat, fascinating diet and vicious predators. This animal live near us, but are very rare to see, because they live deep in the woods. I now present you the one the only white tailed deer!

Deer have a fascinating diet. They eat browse, plants, vines, weeds, broadleaf, oak leafs, acorns, poison oak, greenbriar, American beauty berry, hackberry, mulberry, sulberry, hawthorns, wildcherry, plum, grape, honeysnukle, dogwood, elm and blackberry they help the deer by finding food easier for the spring because they have many foods in their diet. The variety of things that the deers eat are fascinating.

The environment plays an important role in the deer life cycle. They live in wooded areas so that it is easier to find food like twigs, apples, and grass. When it is winter time the white tailed deer struggles with the environment because they can't find food. Sometimes the white tailed deer dies of starvation. In spring they have babies so they have to adapt to a new home, to find a place to have birth. This is the amazing habitats that deer live in.

There are many predators that the white tailed deer have. Deer are food to carnivores like bobcats, coyotes, wolverines, birds (takes the left overs), eagles, bears and shockingly sometimes dogs! By the 1800s there were only 800,000 deer left because of the animals. Here are the vicious predators of the white tailed deer.

In conclusion, the white tailed deer have an interesting life including a marvelous habitat, charming diet and dangerous predators. Overall, they are amazing in their own way. This is the life of a white tailed deer.

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