Train Wreck cosmetics Be you.

Start your day with a boost in confidence applying the "I am... spotlites" named after you! Astounding, Astonishing, Incredible and Intelligent. Whatever the day brings you are confident and capable to manage challenges. Take a deep breath and say, "I've got this".

Stop in to our blog where quick uplifting reflections help you develope and improve healthy habits that become a lifestyle makeover with the "hold yourself DEAR method. It's the old adage of eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest with the added category of emotional health which is a component of the other three. Diet, emotional, activity and rest. Consider the Train Wreck Cosmetic journal or grab a piece of paper to keep track of your progress. Try researching each category as they pertain to you. Write down a manageable task for each category to create healthy habits that impact your physical and emotional health. Don't worry if all you do is D= eat a few more vegetables, emotional = meditate, A= a few arm curls, R = sleep in a hammock. The next day you may do more or less as you give yourself the gift of healthy habits.


Train Wreck Cosmetics

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