Ms. Jennifer Cleveland ED 202 eportfolio, fall 2016

About Me

My Philosophy of Education

My name is Jennifer Cleveland and I am a secondary education in English major. The most important goal that I have to achieve in my teaching career is to help shape my students inside of a classroom and to impact their lives to want to thrive in their education and onto their future. My philosophy of education is progressivism which is largely based on that the lessons must be relevant to the students in order for them to learn and is centered around the students' personal experiences, interests, and needs. I believe that the student needs to be the central focus of the classroom. As a teacher, I want to be able to guide and assist my students to reach their goals that they have in their academics and for their future careers. I want them to be able to be think as an independent adult in the classroom and to also think about what they want for themselves in the future. I feel that having this kind of philosophy of education in my classroom will enable me to have somewhat of a relationship with my students which will show that my students have respect for me and will allow me to help assist them on their future lives.

My Philosophy on Educational Technology

I believe that using technology inside of a classroom helps to increase student learning. In this time, technology is introduced to children at a very young age and seems to be very important to every teenager to have. Using technology inside of a classroom helps your students to want to learn new ideas and ways to create things other than a boring PowerPoint. It also helps them to actually use their mind and to be creative. Having technology incorporated into your lessons helps to keep the students engaged instead of just having book work everyday for the students. When using technology and having the students be creative, many of them will surprise you at what they are capable of and how well they have learned the lesson.

Evidence of ISTE Standards

Standard one-facilitate & inspire learning & creativity


This is the iMovie I made one day in class. This activity was probably the most fun I've had with an assignment because I got to work in a group with my other classmates and we got to go around the school making this video. This enabled all of us to use our imagination to be bale to make this video on the topics that we had to use. It also allowed me to have fun and enjoy the assignment I was working on.

Standard two- Design & Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences & Assessments


Doing this lesson plan helped me to see the realization of what I will be having to do when I become a teacher. The outline of the lesson plan allowed me to think out exactly what I want my students to learn while in my class. It was a struggle to think of everything that it asked for, but I loved how it allowed me to use my imagination and to really think out what I want my students to do while in my class.

Standard three- Model Digital Age Work & Learning


Every student needs to be aware of internet safety and the how bullying can affect someone. Using this newsletter helped me to get the point across for the topics, but did it in a different way other than your typical PowerPoint. This website would help me to invent new ways to introducing a new topic with my students and also letting them use the website to reflect back on what they learned.

Standard four- Promote & Model Digital Citizenship & Learning

This is a link to the Breakout EDU video we watched in class and actually got to do one!


During the breakout EDU game we all learned to work together to figure out how open a lock to get to the next clue. This way of learning and working together was so much fun and was a great way for all of us to be interested in the lesson.

Standard five- Engage in Professional Growth & Leadership

Google Certification: This is a great way to teach and train you new ideas and ways to use technology inside of your classroom and for your students to use at home. This was sometimes difficult but mostly very fascinating to learn because I had no idea that google could do all of this! Also during my classroom observations, every class I went to used Google Classroom. So I am very glad that I became Google certified and I encourage every teacher to be.


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