Whirlpool Service Plans Service Technician Program

Whirlpool Corporation and American International Group, Inc. (AIG), are partnering to provide a comprehensive service plan for you and your consumers.

Instant Revenue

Example: 2,000 claims per month, a 3% attach rate, and a 13% commission on a $200 average plan price, you’ve earned $18,720 in a year.

The average commission per sale is 13%

A Simple Plan that Benefits Your Customer

  • Peace of mind knowing their investment is protected with no service fees
  • Eliminates unexpected out-of-pocket costs
  • Fully transferable
  • Ongoing relationship with their servicer over life of product
  • Easy claims process
  • Can sell a service plan, and earn commission, for any brand appliance*

A new appliance is an important and highly relied upon purchase customers make. If it should ever fail, repairs can be costly. Help your customers protect their investment with a Whirlpool Service Plan backed by AIG to better manage any unexpected parts and labor expenses with best-in-class service.

*While only providing service for Whirlpool family of brands

Guaranteed Work Volume

  • You will be the servicer on any leads or plan renewals.
  • If the product fails in the future you are guaranteed the work volume as the Whirlpool premium service provider tied to the contract.
  • Allows for continuous business growth.
See your work volume increase and guarantee revenue

We Make It Easy For You

  1. Offer your customer a Whirlpool Service Plan.
  2. While covered, you are guaranteed to be the service provider on sold contracts.
  3. Commission on initial sale, and future renewals, sent to you from Whirlpool and AIG.

All claims are dispatched to you as the preferred servicer when a customer requests service.

Trust and Loyalty

The program showcases you, the servicer, as offering a premium solution for consumers to budget for repairs and maintenance while building long term relationships and brand loyalty.

You are the authorized servicer for the lifetime of the product

To get started, contact Jill Golden, Whirlpool ESP Account Manager at jill_n_golden@whirlpool.com or AIGagreements@sndirect.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Service Plan? Over time, appliances may require service repairs or replacements. Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, these could be unexpected and costly. With a Service Plan, if a covered incident occurs we’ll repair or replace it.*

Once a Service Plan is purchased, how long will it take to receive the actual Service Plan contract? If a valid email address is provided, we will send the Service Plan via email within 5-7 days after purchase. If we do not have an email address, we will send the contract via United States Postal Service (USPS), within two to four weeks after purchase.

Can a Service Plan be purchased while the appliance is still under manufacturer’s warranty? Yes, a plan can be purchased while still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and the Service Plan’s coverage will begin after the expiration date of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Can a Service Plan be purchased for multiple appliances? Yes, a Service Plan can be selected on multiple appliances in the same purchase.

What is the benefit of purchasing a Service Plan for multiple appliances in the same purchase? Conveniently cover multiple products in one purchase and we will apply a discount to the total plan price.

How many products can be covered in a single Service Plan purchase? Up to ten (10) products can be added during a single Service Plan purchase.

What is the maximum age of a product to be eligible for a Service Plan? A Service Plan can be purchased on products up to ten (10) years of age.

What is needed to purchase a Service Plan? To purchase a Service Plan the following is required: product type and description, the brand, model number, serial number, retail value, date of purchase, and the address where it is located.

What coverage term options are available? Depending on the age of a product, there may be offers of either a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-year term Service Plan.

Can a Service Plan be purchased if the product is used in a business? Products used in a commercial setting are not eligible for coverage. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Is coverage available for other brands of products? Yes, when adding a product for multi product discount, any brand product can be added for coverage on a Service Plan. Brand and other product specific information is required during the quoting process.

When can a claim be filed? A claim can be filed once the Service Plan is paid in full. If monthly installments are chosen, all installments must be paid before a claim can be filed. Once the payment for the Service Plan has been processed, coverage will be activated and a claim can be filed. No wait period is required if the product is under manufacturer’s warranty or under the coverage of a Service Plan. If the manufacturer’s warranty or other Service Plan has ended before the purchase date of Service Plan, a thirty (30) day wait period is required.

What is needed to file a claim? Model number, serial number and original date of purchase of all products to be covered must be provided to execute application for service.

How is service scheduled? Once the Service Plan has been activated, call us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule a service call.

Who will service the product? An authorized service technician in the area will provide service on the product.

If moving with the covered product, can service be scheduled in a new location? Yes, the network of authorized service providers is located across the entire U.S. Once we are notified of the change of address the product location will be updated in our records.

How can the service network area be determined? We service products in areas across the entire U.S.

If the product is sold, can the Service Plan be transferred to new owner? If the product is sold and the Service Plan has not expired, it can be transferred to the new owner. We require a notice of the transfer to be sent to: Service Plans, P.O. Box 1411, Jeffersonville, IN 47131-1411 or WhirlpoolOPSQA@sndirect.com.

How can a Service Plan be cancelled? To cancel at anytime call us. A full refund will be available if the cancellation is within sixty (60) days from the purchased date. If cancelled after the sixty (60) days, a refund will be available for the remaining days of coverage on a monthly-prorated basis.

To get started, contact Jill Golden, Whirlpool ESP Account Manager at jill_n_golden@whirlpool.com or AIGagreements@sndirect.com

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